Waiter Come Here Please

He served umpteenth a dish at the bark of a crisp command; with twin pair of eyes focused dead straight towards the table,

Nimbly took a plethora of orders; from famished customers to satiate their gluttony,

Made frequent rounds to the kitchen; conversing loquaciously with the rotund chef,

Greeted all those who entered the hotel; with an amicably appearing congenial smile,

Instigated his fellow counterparts; to bustle back to work; reciting to them a rustic joke,

Scrupulously cleaned the dishes after they were rampantly used; picking up the most inconspicuous of loiter from the floor,

Meticulously arranged the armory of crimson rose in their respective jars; made sure that all candles rose up to a handsome flame,

Ran instantaneously to the sound of tinkling bells over the counter; glued his vision towards the screen flashing multiple items of food,

Occasionally listened to a volley of hostile expletives from his clients; for not adhering immaculately to requirements of their taste,

Was immensely pleased at witnessing the exorbitantly affluent; envisaging the fat tips they would bestow upon his impoverished persona,

Shivered incessantly in the biting cold; clad in threadbare minimum of cloth to drape his demeanor,

Voraciously sketched a battalion of faces; sitting on his bohemian stool; in his spare time,

Swayed articulately to beats of pulsating music at intermittent intervals; to reinvigorate his dreary passengers,

Hoisted innocuous toddlers high in the air; dexterously catching them single handed; to grant ailing mothers some reprieve from the tyranny of their children,

Had gladly incorporated a list of appetizing dishes; as his daily jargon; sometimes inadvertently whispering the names of cooked items in his dreams,

Magnificently controlled his temper; trying to avoid the most minuscule of altercation if possible,

Worked like a clockwork machine; inexorably all throughout the monotonous day,

Slept in a cloistered room all chilly night; profoundly detesting the next day to unveil; the nondescript rigmarole of taking orders,

Wore a flabby cap; shielding his rubicund face; a neat tie dangling unsolicitedly from his collar,

There were tears gushing from his eyes when I addressed him by his first name; for he was literally oblivious to all other sounds; except for that dreaded voice stringently calling him waiter come here please.


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