Wake Me Up Only If

Wake me up only if; the light of the Omnipotent Sun glimmered; with brilliantly untamed flamboyance outside,

Wake me up only if; uninhibited torrents of impregnable love; pelted with indefatigable frenzy; from fathomless sky,

Wake me up only if; all horrendously manipulative ugliness; metamorphosed into a planet of perpetually priceless mankind,

Wake me up only if; heinous crime wholesomely ceased to exist on the trajectory of this planet; the innocuous were no more subjected to tyrannical malice,

Wake me up only if; inexplicably traumatized agony; miraculously metamorphosed into a festoon of; charismatically jubilant smiles,

Wake me up only if; the Moonbeams showered their pristine seduction upon the periphery of this bedraggled earth; without the slightest iota of adulterated prejudice,

Wake me up only if; an unfathomable festoon of poignant roses; ubiquitously disseminated the scent of graciously voluptuous timelessness; to every cranny of
this bountifully everlasting Universe,

Wake me up only if; rhapsodic cisterns of spell binding wind; euphorically swiped all horrifically disgruntled gloom; perpetuated all lugubriously languid with the profound ebullience to lead life,

Wake me up only if; majestic rivulets of oneness oozed harmoniously; handsomely blending with the eternal fabric of symbiotically supreme living kind,

Wake me up only if; the soil outside ravishingly sprouted with the fruits of magical creation; the chapter of invincible existence; enchantingly proliferated at every space inundated with ominous grief,

Wake me up only if; the stars radiantly twinkled in exuberantly princely unison; ingratiatingly placating the souls of one and all truculently bereaved; alike,

Wake me up only if; marvelously titillating beauty unveiled on every step that I transgressed; making me entirely oblivious to the diabolical vagaries; of this savagely commercial planet,

Wake me up only if; all morbidly sullen depression; scintillatingly transformed into a perennially bestowing entrenchment; of blissful smiles,
Wake me up only if; rainbows of magnificently regale prosperity insatiably lingered on every contour of this colossal planet; enshrouding every element of disparagingly despairing existence with the rays of; gloriously ecstatic freedom,

Wake me up only if; the irrefutably sacred spirit of perseverance; prevailed unflinchingly; across even the most laggard heart on this fathomless planet,

Wake me up only if; the unequivocally unassailable mantra of truth reigned unshakably supreme; with the corpse of hideously nonchalant lies; disappearing
forever into the mists of worthless nothingness,

Wake me up only if; waves of unconquerably patriotic freedom compassionately encircled the earth from all sides; with every organism profusely exercising its
right of; tirelessly benign existence,

Wake me up only if; all mercilessly satanic bloodshed refrains to happen forever; with every orphaned child amiably cuddling once again; in the lap of its sacrosanct mother,

Wake me up only if; every entity listened to nothing else; but the impeccably beautiful voice of his; undefeatably pious conscience,

Wake me up only if; a river of enthrallingly vibrant melody flowed outside my bedroom window; when every dawn greeted me wonderfully with the Omniscient scent of; ever pervading humanity,

Wake me up only if; every passionately palpitating heart on this aristocratically fascinating Universe; bonded with threads of immortally unending love,

Most importantly O! Almighty Lord; wake me up only if; you had the power to wake up my beloved from the realms of surreally ethereal heaven; so that we embarked upon our mission to wake up all those disastrously decaying; flooding our each night with so much love; that we always remained awake forever and ever and ever.


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