I consumed a meal consisting of crushed chili with poignant fillings of snake brown pepper,
immediately felt the urge to gulp a can full of water.

i abruptly got up from the vigils of sleep; to eructate my inflated bowels,
instantaneously felt the need for gallons of water.

i noticed corrugated blotches of stain sprawling wildly on my car windshield,
prompting me to spray it clean with refined globules of water.

i jogged incessantly through undulating landscapes of the rocky terrain,
felt appeasingly relaxed after sipping crystal water from the monsoon springs.

i woke with terrified jolts; envisaging a horrendous dream,
recieved instant gratification as i drank colossal pints of flavored water.

i scribbled painstakingly obnoxious pages of the annual exam papers,
reclined back on my rocking chair drowned in colossal pools of coconut water.

i tresspassed through arid regions of the sahara desert,
intermittently wetting my tongue with infinitesimal amounts of water.

i percieved utter desolation enveloping my demeanour,
chivalrously swallowed herculean streams of melon water,
to relinquish the memory of my departed beloved.

i felt epidemic fever circulate through entangled capillaries of my body,
flooded my belly with marathon oceans of water to swipe off the deadly

i felt stinging pangs of acrimonious heat strike me in the peak of summer,
felt as if floating in paradise; minutes after drinking farm fresh sugarcane water.

i knew deep inside; that i could live without food for days on the trot,
but to remain divested of ground water even for more than an hour was disconcertingly impossible.


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