Water Is Precious

If there was water on the surface of dry leaves; they would look superbly mesmerizing; glistening profoundly under the Sun,
If there was water on mud coated wall; there would be a ravishing scent that permeated the adulterated air,
If there was water on vegetables lying sprawled in a forlorn heap; they would bounce back to boisterous life; retrieving the plethora of minerals they had lost in the blistering heat,
If there was water on fossils languidly scattered in obsolete territories of the dormant volcano; they would perspicuously depict the mysteries of the past; besides shimmering magnificently under the moon,
If there was water on wild buds of jungle mushroom; the unruly shoots would sparkle tenaciously; drawing millions of mouths towards them to satiate their famished taste buds,
If there was water on a battalion of acrimonious thorns; their tips would get dramatically softened; making them flounder in their conquest of
mercilessly puncturing soft skin,
If there was water on scalp hair; their bedraggled texture would miraculously transform into immaculately polished,
If there was water on the obdurate foam of bed; there would be an unprecedented cool that besieging the ambience; and I would find it astoundingly easy to fall into a invincible siesta,
If there was water on pairs of chapped lips; they would look irrefutably voluptuous and longing to be kissed,
If there was water on the scorched soil of arid desert; the surrounding wildlife would get substantial reprieve from sweltering storms of heat,
If there was water on rampant flames of fire ominously rising up by the zipping second; the occupants inside would be saved from the tyranny of being burnt alive,
If there was water on the elevation of dusty window panes; they would suddenly
glitter in animation; explicitly exposing the panoramic view outside,
If there was water on the river bed; scores of children would gleefully toss
in it; splashing it frivolously on passing pedestrians,
If there was water on clusters of scarlet rose; they would diffuse a blissful
fragrance penetrating the claustrophobic environment with a reinvigorating aroma,
If there was water on feathers of the majestic peacock; it had the potential to circulate waves of rhapsody even in the veins of a dying man; when the bird unfurled its wings to a complete blossom,
If there was water on soiled cloth; incorrigible stains would be indiscriminately exonerated; and the fabric would now resemble an impeccable white,
If there was water on the serrated skin of chameleon; it would appear more
rubicund while wandering indefatigably through the bushes,
And If there was water on the inverted eyelashes of my beloved; she would look
like a Goddess bathed in exquisite gold,
And let me tell you friends it was very easy for us to unflinchingly achieve
the above mentioned; if only we learnt to save and judiciously preserve water,
As its every droplet is inevitably worth a million; for it is the source of all life beside us; an indispensable fuel to rejuvenate the depleted reservoir of our energy; water is precious.


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