A delightfully rounded ball of wondrous green exterior; that rolled with unparalleled fervor upon any frictionless surface; with the tiniest of thrust,

A shell so spectacularly enamoring and impeccable; that it left even the most charmed of maidens to envy with its smooth periphery and robustly exuberant texture,

Fecund brown seeds adorning it unabashedly in the inside; disseminating fresh hope for existence if they were planted in unassailably bountiful earth,

Royally salubrious aroma drifting from its succulent demeanor; mesmerizing people of all religions, caste, creed and color with the profound charm of a fulfilled existence – which thrilled in myriad proportions,

Sporadically, a rejuvenating substitute for a nonchalantly mundane pillow; as you cuddled it up close to your ears; wrapping it with jagged pieces of cloth asymmetrically strewn around; as if for transient support,

A beautifully convivial ball of smoothness; magnificently illustrated as kids kissed it and nudged it with their chin – then ran around with a squeal of bewilderment as it reached the other corner of the house; rollicking on the floor within lightening seconds of time,

A marvelously tantalizing delicacy served to befit a crowned prince – mollifying you with motley fantasies of good grace as you snuggled in the royal armchair without the tiniest of apprehension on the glorious roof top terrace,

Profoundly ecstatic sponge of majestic red embodied within; incredibly enthralling and bringing about a cheer to the wisps of lackadaisical disenchantment, in the impoverished existence of a human being,

A fantabulously satisfying meal at occasions for the penniless pocket; in the absence of that quintessential platter blended with myriad spices and some of the most charismatic delicacies of the seasonal celebration,

A fabulously intriguing topic of intelligent discussion – as elders of the family expounded upon its plethora of amazing health benefits – for the younger generation to assimilate and incorporate at various stages of their life,

Resembled a big zero; but harmoniously providing the fabric of humanity a wondrous opportunity to relish one of the most sumptuously delicious and gorgeously sweet; fruit on this earth,

The most perfectly robust fruit on mortal earth to be squelched into liquid form; thereby rendering the opulently carved glass with the finesse of ebulliently scarlet juice,

One of the heaviest things to exasperatingly carry under the dynamically triumphant afternoon Sun – but an adorable darling to the taste – as a person absolved even the tiniest trace of his apprehension after consuming its natural richness,

An earnest favorite in the appetizingly varied menu list of the most stellar restaurants and found scribbled with bohemian chalk on the wall of the neighborhood highway cafeteria – with individuals cutting across barriers of caste and color; whilst savoring its ravishingly enchanting flavor,

A proud inhabitant found with predominant contingency in the deeper recesses of the refrigerator; peacefully nestled amongst an array of other vegetable; salad; cream; sauce; pizza and chocolate – but enjoying its its own inimitably imposing presence and preference as the hands affably reached out for it first; after the successful completion of a meal,

Written about with aplomb; in poetry and prose by bestseller authors and those in their nascent stages of penning something substantial; praising its astoundingly simpleton demeanor; which empowers the living race towards unbiased friendship,

A privilege for talented artists to incorporate within their paintings of the unfettered forest, depicting the trajectory of the earth on barren canvas – in its multitudes of hues and color; with one of the largest of princely fruits occupying heroic center stage,

One of the most adulated fruits at the vendor’s imperiously embellished establishment,

Was the relished watermelon.


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