We Are Two; Our’s Are Only Two

More Population; means more penalizing unemployment; baselessly victimizing even the innocent; into the webs of salacious drudgery and disparaging

More Population; means more cold-blooded crime; as the pangs of inevitably augmenting hunger; metamorphosed even the most impeccable into an ocean of gory bloodshed,

More Population; means more insidious disease; as the seed of ghastly infection proliferated astoundingly from traumatic sordidness; afflicting even the most
robustly sculptured with bizarre ailment and thunderous agony,

More Population; means more abhorrent manipulation; as people relentlessly fantasized a castle of their very own; to impregnably exist amidst an unfathomable horde of blood sucking wolves,

More Population; means more derogatory corruption; with even the most immaculately sparkling organism wholesomely blending with the winds of lechery; to ecstatically surge ahead in the chapter of life,

More Population; means more massacring war; as unsurpassable battalions of even the most holistic entities; indiscriminately fought for a speck of land;
for a place to survive,

More Population; means more snobbish abuse; as the stinkingly rich irrefutably digressed from the poor; whipping them with swords of dictatorial power and
overwhelmingly overpowering greed,

More Population; means more pugnacious renaissance; with heads being chopped off like brutal matchsticks; in the name of religion and meaningless discrimination of skin; caste and spurious creed,

More Population; means more invidious dissatisfaction; as each organism felt that he was savagely asphyxiated of his share of luck; while his counterparts
philandered for times immemorial in the aisles of glorious paradise,

More Population; means more disastrous hunger; as the fields of blossoming corn proved to be capriciously diminutive needles for the fathomless sky of famished children; eventually manifesting into their grotesque grave,

More Population; means more uncouth freezing of blood; as countless hapless urchins; uncontrollably shivered without a single cloth to encapsulate their supple flesh; every night after the chiming of sinister midnight,

More Population; means more lethally obnoxious frustration; as even the most infinitesimal of palpable entity; felt its relentless festoon of desires being torturously suppressed by whiplashes of the; mercilessly claustrophobic atmosphere,
More Population; means more ghoulishly abominable odor; as incomprehensibly gargantuan pools of perspiration; dribbled in painstaking tandem from drearily beleaguered and despicably staggering bodies,

More Population; means more staggering viciousness; as the graveyards of crippling fortune; led even the most harmoniously melodious of denizens to surreptitiously stab behind each other’s back,

More Population; means more barbaric slaining of sensuous fantasy; as the insurmountably vengeful monotony of the world around; ruthlessly plagued even the most evanescent trace of mesmerizing serenity,

More Population; means more gruesome blackness even in the most dazzling of Sunlight; as countless children got blinded and maimed since the very first cry of
sacred birth; to rot in the realms of the fetid dustbin for the remainder of their penurious lives,

More Population; means more degradation of wonderful humanity; as even the most unassailable emotions and religion; got preposterously traded for a wad of
sleazily derogatory notes,

More Population; means more ghastly solitude even in the midst of veritably augmenting boisterousness; as the remorsefulness of disdainfully sullen death
irrevocably overpowered everything in conceivable vicinity,

More Population; means more sordid rebuke on the quality of life; as human diabolically squelched human; in the malevolent rat race for baseless supremacy and existence,

More Population; means more despairingly bonding your spirit with the truculent devil; thrusting every iota of your celestial happiness into the mouth of ungainly anguish and horrific obsolescence,

More Population; means more ominous atrocities on spell binding mankind; tainting the fabric of eternal philanthropism with the corpse of debilitating
greed and inexplicable sadness,

More Population; means more heinous discordance with the laws of resplendent existence; profusely penalizing the enchanting carpet of mother earth with an unfathomable battlefield of forlornly crippling weight,

More Population; means more tensions to survive in this already adulterated planet; where every droplet of water already had a million mouths fervently waiting; even before it could tumble from fathomless sky,

More Population; means more horrendously regretful theft; with hell breaking free on the trajectory of scintillating earth; as man egregiously choked for
vital breath to survive,
More Population; means more pathetically unprecedented stagnation; as boundless innocent bundled in a lugubriously decaying heap; without the tiniest iota of comfort or Omnipotent compassion,

More Population; means more atrociously bellicose delinquency; as survival beneath bizarre poverty lines; had rendered even the most patriotically blazing soldiers; to stoop down like defeated rats,

More Population; means more unrelenting coffins of agonizing tears; as each stage of life became an unwanted curse; without integrally quintessential elements of fodder in the miserably bereaved stomach,

More Population; means more irascible atheism; with people believing more in money than in the Almighty Lord; viewing a bundle of worthlessly small and measly paper as the ultimate messiah to live; till times beyond eternity,

More Population; means more licentious betrayal of Omnipresent Love; as every individual tirelessly kept assassinating in order to catapult to the zenith of success; wholesomely forgetting that it was impossible to do that without the essence of benevolent togetherness,

O! Yes Population explosion was an uncontrollable menace; which eventually snapped the wings of Omniscient existence forever and ever and ever; with its venom of unemployment; poverty and inconsolable hunger,

So it is my humble plea to all families out there; as well as my comrades who have blissfully supported me on my every step; to please follow the most triumphant mantra of existence today: we are two; our’s are only two.


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