We Aren’t Afraid

We aren’t afraid of the treacherous mountains; infact keep them in our back side pockets,

We aren’t afraid of the freezing winds; infact sheltered them in a solitary whisker of our profusely poignant moustache,

We aren’t afraid of the lethal bullets flying horrendously around; infact we face them with our chests escalating unflinchingly and handsome towards the azure sky,

We aren’t afraid of the acrimoniously sweltering sands; infact caress them like a prince marching uninhibitedly towards the corridors of victory,

We aren’t afraid of overwhelming thirst; infact posses the capacity to remain without a droplet of water; it the situation so demands,

We aren’t afraid of mighty avalanches of snow; infact treated them like insipid broomsticks sticking innocuously to our valiant eyelashes,

We aren’t afraid of indiscriminate abuse; infact let them pass like pieces of disdainful shit; from one ear of ours to the other,

We aren’t afraid of the most ominous of crocodile; infact carried his live skin intrepidly; with a profound sense of equanimity on our shoulders,

We aren’t afraid of tumultuously vindictive storm; infact inhaled its merciless winds with astronomical ease through our fearless nostrils,

We aren’t afraid of perpetual blackness; infact stared at it in its uncouth eye; till it wholesomely disappeared into infinitesimal wisps of non-existent sky,

We aren’t afraid of truckloads of blood; infact shed it with insurmountably supreme pride; to defend the soil on which we tread since our first cry,

We aren’t afraid of the battalion of satanic swords gushing towards our head; infact held them like peanuts in our palms; inscribing our names with their tips on
our belligerently barren chests,

We aren’t afraid of excruciating pain; infact smiled indefatigably whilst in the heart of it; and till the time our mission was blissfully accomplished,

We aren’t afraid of inexplicable spirits loitering in the atmosphere; infact coined our own destinies; with sweat of sweet perseverance; flowing gloriously from
our audaciously muscled shoulders,

We aren’t afraid of lecherous politics; infact blow the manipulative leaders involved; with minuscule draughts of our drearily languid breath,

We aren’t afraid of the most horrifically traumatic aftermaths; infact accept them with an invincible glow radiating resiliently from our eyes,

We aren’t afraid of sacrificing our lives at the slightest intimation; infact ardently waited for our chance to relinquish breath; and blend our impeccable souls with the Almighty Creator,

We aren’t afraid of losing our loved ones; infact had bid them adieu forever; when we plunged wholeheartedly on our path towards irrefutable righteousness,

Just one minute; before you start thinking that we were God’s; let me clarify that we were not; but we definitely take unfathomable pleasure in proclaiming ourselves to be the immortal soldiers of our MOTHERLAND.


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