We Still Loved Each Other

We hurled a volley of expletives at each other; while conversing over the

Severely ostracizing our movements; our conservative attitude towards

Threw fluffy pillows; rolling pins; scattered debris; virtually all that came
in our hands at each other,

Tore apart our scalp hair in exasperation; slapping each other on the rubicund

Grimaced our teeth like the most ominous of fortress; clenching our fists in

Stared unrelentingly like diabolical demons; refraining to whisper the
slightest of sound,

Spat uncouthly at each other; our hands interlocked in a vindictive brawl,

Made abhorrent designs of each other; rampantly inscribing them on the cold

Kicked uncontrollably while in the car; banging our heads against the

Spilled scalding tea deliberately on each other; burning dainty pores in our

Glanced indifferently towards each other; pretending to be nonchalant

Scoffed haughtily inhaling long gasps of breath; insipidly kicking small
stones that confronted our way,

Wailed discordantly with fervor; looking at each others faces,

Sat poles apart on the dining table; secretly wishing to dance under the
enchanting moon,

Drew lines vindictively on the sands; as we strolled languidly on the slippery

Pummeled each other in the ribs; at the slightest provocation; as our tempers
soared to dizzy heights,

Paced up and down the length of the house; occasionally banging the walls in
intense infuriation,

Tossed and turned irritably on the king poster bed; unable to go to blissful

Deliberated for marathon hours on the trot; on inconspicuous issues; expending
great energy from our intricate lungs,

But the remarkable thing was; that even after all this we still remained the
best of friends; immensely enjoyed and wistfully longed for each others

And at the end of the acrimonious day; forgave and acutely loved each other.


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