Welcoming Her Back

Gruesome carpets of despairing blindness had set upon her magnificently sparkling countenance; enveloping her perennially in a world of bizarre darkness,
But it was my eyes that had veritably lost every iota of sight; as I stumbled like an insane lunatic in every sphere of life; tragically devastated in whirlpools of ghastly depression.

Gory leprosy had descended lecherously upon her marvelously blissful demeanor; brutally incapacitating her in wholesome entirety; for the remainder of her life,
But it was my hands and feet that had veritably lost even the most tiniest of ability to hoist; as I haplessly staggered in a tornado of doom; for centuries immemorial.

Barbaric dumbness had salaciously entrenched upon her majestically royal countenance; ruthlessly chopping every cranny of her robustly melodious cadence; into a countless pieces of insipid nothingness,
But it was my tongue that had veritably lost even the most remotest of ability to speak; as I pathetically slithered on remorseful spit; without the slightest sound emanating from my tyrannized throat.

Diabolical sadness had fathomlessly enveloped upon her sparklingly robust stride; penalizing her immaculate grace for absolutely no fault of hers,
But it was my lips that had veritably relinquished all smiles; as I drunk tears of horrendous solitude each unfurling instant of the treacherous day; trespassing
through a battlefield of vindictive prejudice soaked in ghastly blood; all my life.

Ominously irascible cancer had cascaded down upon her blisteringly flamboyant visage; murderously asphyxiating all her glorious happiness in destined life,
But it was my body that veritably puked everything that I tried to ravishingly swallow; with a tinge of lecherously debilitating yellow; proliferating astoundingly; upon my hopelessly extinguishing senses.

Savage termites had crawled upon from all sides upon her magically glistening persona; barbarically attacking her with contemptuously opprobrious lechery,
But it was my veins that veritably lost every ingredient of scarlet blood; as I incessantly floated like a lifeless skeleton; through the corpse of gory death and in the graveyard of malicious abhorrence.

Overpowering darkness had viciously infiltrated upon her gorgeously delectable reflection; crippling her invidiously of all those blissfully romantic moments;
in euphorically vibrant life,
But it was my dwelling that had veritably abnegated all traces of dynamic light; as I couldn’t find even my own silhouette; decaying into wisps of worthlessly
horrific oblivion.
Perfidious paralysis had vindictively gripped her enamoringly scintillating scent from all sides; treacherously overtoppling her from Omnipotent realms of blissfully blessed sleep,
But it was my heart that had veritably ceased to function; ludicrously dissolving all its passionate reservoir of beats with domains of penalizing hell; ruthlessly massacring even the most priceless of emotion; and the chapter of immortal love.

And devilishly unforgiving death had stooped perilously upon her daintily tinkling royalty; rendering her meaninglessly at the last stage of her most fabulously priceless existence,
But it was my breath that had veritably snapped in wholesome entirety from my deplorably bleeding nostrils; as I reached heaven even before the most ethereal of her shadow could creep through; to welcome her as her unassailable lover; eternally and once again.


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