We’ve All Been Sent To Win.

We’ve all been sent on this bountifully eclectic earth; to tirelessly adventure; and not to pathetically stagnate in the corpses of miserably penalizing and delirious depression,

We’ve all been sent on this celestially fantastic earth; to interminably consecrate the virtues of benign goodness; and not to preposterously bend down to the indiscriminately vengeful footsteps of the massacring devil,

We’ve all been sent on this fantastically virile earth; to blaze in the Sun of unconquerable optimism; and not to inexplicably wither like a shriveled leaf in the mortuaries of asphyxiating blackness; without any
ostensible reason or rhyme,

We’ve all been sent on this blessedly emollient earth; to limitlessly desire in a paradise of heavenly symbiosis; and not to be wretchedly thrashed by the wantonly non-existent gallows of maiming negativity,

We’ve all been sent on this vivaciously wonderful earth; to uninhibitedly embrace every caste; creed; color and race with egalitarian love; and not to
relentlessly assassinate countless innocent; on spurious pretexts of feckless religion,

We’ve all been sent on this resplendently robust earth; to enlighten the lives of all those unfortunate with every smile of our destined existence; and not to
rapaciously gobble even the last bone of their crumbling spine; to sadistically inundate our already bulging stomachs,

We’ve all been sent on this jubilantly fathomless earth; to indefatigably march forward in the corridors of unflinching courage; and not to let the germs of
meaninglessly inscrutable fear; reign supreme on every ingredient of our blood,

We’ve all been sent on this gloriously unbridled earth; to invincibly unite in the threads of royal compassion; and not to uncouthly separate the very fabric of existence; and thereby be a beleaguered slave of our prejudiced brains,

We’ve all been sent on this unbelievably enamoring earth; to altruistically heal even the most treacherously ghastliest of wound with the wand of eternal friendship; and not to leave an unending sea of ruthless blood; at every step that we traversed,

We’ve all been sent on this romantically effulgent earth; to mellifluously sing the tunes of brotherhood; and not to cadaverously dumb our God gifted throats;
into the hell of lugubriously intolerable decay,

We’ve all been sent on this spell-bindingly ardent earth; to timelessly sleep in the lap of our Omnipotent mothers; and not to dementedly rape and sell innocuously venerated women; right under the broadest of flaming daylight,
We’ve all been sent on this ecstatically vibrant earth; to beautifully harness; conserve and augment the fruits of pristine mother nature; and not to ruthlessly chop trees and iridescent vegetation; in order to erect tombstones of robotic monotony,

We’ve all been sent on this bounteously philanthropic earth; to fearlessly feed every hungry destitute stomach in whatever capacity we ever could; and not to
sacrilegiously orphan boundless; right infront of their kin,

We’ve all been sent on this incredulously magnetic earth; to interminably continue the chapter of amazingly virile existence; and not to render ourselves meekly impotent; to even the most obsolete insinuation of the passing maelstrom,

We’ve all been sent on this handsomely impregnable earth; to pay due homage and respect to our elders/ancestors/heritage; and not to make our own parents sweep the threadbare household floors; whilst we abominably lazed into an inexplicable labyrinth of languid nothingness,

We’ve all been sent on this royally emollient earth; to nimbly prostrate infront of the power that created us all alike; which was irrefutably the Omnipresent
Creator; and not to sanctimoniously consider only our ownselves; as the greatest and the most powerful of all,

We’ve all been sent on this magnetically poignant earth; to unstoppably relish every droplet of rain that fell from the Omnipotent skies; and not to
insidiously adulterate the same with gory bloodshed and abhorrently
devastating war,

We’ve all been sent on this spectacularly harmonious earth; to disseminate the ideals of immortal love and peace in even the most obliviously fading cranny of
the Universe; and not to lethally stab each heart throbbing beside us with the poison of castrated hatred,

And we’ve all been sent on this fabulously sparkling earth; to timelessly triumph in a heaven of goodness and; win; and not to worthlessly succumb to the
mortuary of evil; lose everything of ours even before the slightest innuendo of the devil miserably floundered to loom upon the gigantic Universe.


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