What About Him

Even though you had beautifully sparkling eyes; with loads of charismatic fortitude entrapped in your bones; still you trembled at the thought of clambering up 100 floors of the colossal building without the escalator,
What about him who was perpetually blind; for whom the world was a cloud of gruesome darkness; right since innocuous childhood?

Even though you had voluptuous jewels of eye; Herculean stamina in the bulging muscle of your arm; still the very thought of crossing the jam packed chaotic road; sent inexplicable shivers down your slender spine, What about him who was perpetually blind; for whom there was nothing like brightness or light in the dictionary of the mind?

Even though you had marvelously sparkling pairs of diamond eyes; the stoical ability to confront the most disastrous situation with astronomical ease; still you severely rebelled the prospect of jumping out of the plane with a parachute strapped tightly,
What about him who was perpetually blind; for whom the world meant nothing else; but simply an amalgamation of different voice?

Even though you had supremely robust hazel eyes; an uncanny ability to solve mind boggling enigmas in split seconds; still the prospect of swimming with the menacing alligators in the marshy swamps gave you horrendous nightmares every unveiling night,
What about him who was perpetually blind, didn’t have even the most infinitesimal idea as to what were twinkling stars; what was blistering Sunlight?

Even though you had opalescent rainbow complexioned eyes; the supreme agility in your legs to leap with astounding ease over boundless hurdles at a time, still you wept uncontrollably at the onset of choosing your favorite shirt amongst millions of fabric strewn around,
What about him who was perpetually blind; didn’t even know as to whether the cloth engulfing his chest; was a garishly striped shirt or a trouser with swanky shine?

Even though you had mesmerizing blue eyes; invincible strength encompassing your entire demeanor; still you dreaded a trifle at the mention of going to acrimonious war,
What about him who was perpetually blind; who couldn’t perceive one bit about the mammoth boulder of stinging needles; just at whisker lengths from his body?

Even though you had phlegmatically cherry red eyes; and exuberant spirit of adventure profusely embedded in your stream of crimson blood; still you flinched a little in your subconscious mind; while nose-diving your jet as straight as an arrow from the cocoon of heavenly clouds towards the periphery of hard ground,
What about him who was perpetually blind; couldn’t walk a step further without leaning on his red and white cane stick?

Even though you had splendidly shimmering eyes; an insatiable yearning towards oligarchic literature; still you thought multiple times before attempting to write a million pages of poetry a day,
What about him who was perpetually blind; who didn’t even know how the ‘L’ of language looked like; persevered all his life caressing vaguely intricate Braille?

Even though you had astoundingly emphatic eyes; an unbelievable ability to judiciously discern thoroughly embedded in your mind; still you stared uncannily into open space; pondering on how would you ever meet the girl of your divinely dreams,
What about him who was perpetually blind; who couldn’t even make out whether it was a man or a woman until it stringently spoke?

And even though you had two pairs of dynamically fiery eyes; a flamboyant swirl encapsulating your visage at every step you strolled; still you weren’t 100% confident of facing life; ruminated for marathon hours as to what would besiege you after your death; would there be celestial paradise or ghastly hell,
What about him who was perpetually blind; who hadn’t witnessed the most minuscule trace of glow since he took his first breath; for whom the solitary silent room in which he resided; was his only paradise; his only hell?


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