What Is Life Without Love?

What is life without spell binding fantasy; the unprecedented exhilaration to incessantly dance in the valley of untamed adventure?

What is life without marvelously exotic flamboyance; the insatiably perennial desire to be none other than; magnificently bedazzling Sunshine?

What is life without mystically voluptuous enchantment; the milky rays of moon seductivelyenthralling; every iota of your disastrously famished skin?

What is life without tantalizing rain; golden globules of heavenly water tumbling torrentially from the fathomless sky; pacifying every iota of your devastatingly frazzled senses with overwhelming magic and serenity?

What is life without mesmerizing scent; a boundless entrenchment of blissfully celestial rose; tinglingyou majestically on every benign step that you took?

What is life without unrelenting charisma; the bountifully ever green fruits of Mother Nature; divinely greeting you every dawn you ravishingly awoke?

What is life without indefatigable strength; an intrinsically Herculean stamina; which tirelessly propelled you to march unflinchingly; on the path of sagacious righteousness?

What is life without intransigent perseverance; a blazing inferno of patriotic solidarity; beautifully camouflaging every iota of your; fabulously silver sweat?

What is life without your revered ancestors; the intriguing island of profuse nostalgia that they stupendously transited you into; recounting the tales of unending hundred’s of years?

What is life without royally fructifying carpet of enamoring grass; the titillatingly divinely stalks; that surreptitiously flirted with the surrendering energy in your beleaguered soles?

What is life without the blissfully sacrosanct cow; the oceans of impeccable milk which she uninhibitedly oozed; to miraculously fortifying every element of your penuriously staggering countenance?

What is life without perpetually augmenting desire; an unsurpassable yearning to romance with resplendently tinkling goodness; for infinite more births yet
to unfurl?

What is life without the vivaciously boisterous rainbow; the countless myriad of eclectic shades in vibrant life; which made you bask in the full glory of your priceless existence?

What is life without ebulliently compassionate artistry; the unbelievably fantastic aura of the entire Universe; so brilliantly portrayed upon the trajectory of
the; emphatically silken canvas?

What is life without ingratiatingly twinkling stars; the magically opalescent fountain of shimmer that eternally radiated; after the heart of charmingly
gracious midnight?

What is life without enigmatically evoking intuition; the uncanny forest of inexplicable dreams; which blended so splendidly with every ingredient of your
poignant blood?

What is life without ubiquitously blooming humanity; the thread of everlastingly benevolent empathy; which so euphorically coalesced all religions; caste; creed;
and tribes in whirlpools of mankind; alike?

What is life without ecstatic fireballs of breath; the astoundingly tumultuous reinvigoration which it endlessly imparted; to march forward as a messiah of
invincibly divine peace?

What is life without diligently bestowing prayer; the unassailable mantras of humanity; that harmoniously metamorphosed the manipulatively bedraggled planet once again; into a Godly paradise?

And over and above all; what is life without immortally unconquerable love; which was the only Omnipotent panache to timelessly live; and let forever
and ever and ever symbiotically survive.


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