What Is The Need Of?

What is the need of spuriously artificial bulb light; when we have the natural light of the majestically fulminating and Omnipotent Sun; ubiquitously disseminating perpetual rays of hope in every dwelling besieged with horrendous despair?

What is the need of capriciously artificial cologne scent; when we have the natural cocoon of vibrantly blossoming roses in the field; timelessly placating tumultuously aggrieved nerves with the magic of fragrant togetherness?

What is the need of bombastically inflated air-conditioner; when we have the natural draughts of exuberant breeze; enchantingly blowing to pave a pathway of rhapsodic ebullience; even in the most devastated of lives?

What is the need of manipulatively blended factory made sweetness; when we have unfathomable tons of natural honey delectably oozing from the grandiloquently rambunctious hives; infiltrating each beleaguered life with; astronomically priceless

What is the need of vindictively bottled and artificial spices; when we have indefatigable fields of piquant chili; the natural waves of the gigantic ocean; profoundly perpetuating each despicably shattered life; with the poignant elixir to exotically survive?

What is the need of sleazily scintillating artificial jewelry; when we have the marvelously royal oyster; bountifully culminating into a forest of ingratiatingly euphoric pearls; enlightening every dreary heart and the gory retribution of the night;
with milky innocence; alike?

What is the need of the diabolically looming fortresses of mortal and obdurately insensitive steel; when we have the natural entrenchments of perennial mankind; compassionately sequestering even the most tyrannically penurious; in its handsomely sacrosanct belly?

What is the need of insidiously gaudy color towering on each road; when we have the vivaciously natural rainbow shimmering enthrallingly in fathomless bits of sky; enlightening the life of all those miserably shattered; with beams of astounding dexterity?

What is the need of seductively raunchy and pathetically lewd films; when we have the naturally tantalizing carpet of crimson clouds floating in the sky; gorgeously titillating even the most remotely sweltering cranny of this Universe; with thunderbolts of fascinating rain?

What is the need of lethally venomous guns and an anarchic arcade of treacherous bombs; when we have the regally natural blanket of home soil; patriotically blazing in impregnably triumphant glory; above even the most diabolically infidel of traitors?

What is the need of lecherously tainted and ludicrously mechanized cloth; when we have impeccably natural fields of sprawling cotton; chivalrously shielding every orphaned and rich alike; in the heavenly enclosure of its immaculate warmth?

What is the need of bizarrely lugubrious and artificially made somber coffins; when we have the naturally celestial trenches of mud; to harbor and eternally rest the departed mind; body and soul?

What is the need of nonchalantly dolorous strips of trademarked sunglass; when we have the pricelessly natural fold of sensuous lids blissfully encapsulating the drearily exhausted eyeball; imparting it with heavenly rejuvenation; even under the most
acrimoniously belligerent fireball of Sun?

What is the need of baselessly opulent distilled water geysers; when we have the exuberantly natural cascades of the sparkling waterfalls to bathe under; profoundly
reinvigorate even the most morbidly deadened arena of the crumbling skin?

What is the need of preposterously bludgeoning beats of the meaningless discotheque; when we have the naturally melodious and divinely cadence of the
nightingale supremely appease; even the most veritably extinguishing organs of our body?

What is the need of dastardly computers invidiously flashing axioms of truth; when we have the innocuous wails of the freshly born infant; irrefutably proclaiming the cosmos of unassailable righteousness every unfurling minute of the day?

What is the need of nonchalantly lackadaisical tantras; mantras; and religious fanaticism; when we have the Omnisciently Natural blessings of the Almighty Lord; to give us the unprecedented tenacity; of victoriously transcending over the most
horrifically hostile; of path?

What is the need of worthlessly puffed up cylinders of artificial oxygen; when we have the Omnipresently natural cisterns of unsurpassably unending air all
around; miraculously pacifying even the most gorily dying jacket of lungs?

And what is the need of insipidly bulky pacemakers incessantly trying to revive the beats of the vanishing heart; when we have the immortally natural paradise of unconquerable love; not only ensuring that the heart stayed young forever; but perpetually sought love and was wonderfully alive?


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