When I Lost My Love

i drowned Myself in large beer cans of alcohol,
Lay the whole night on desolate sands of the beach,
Traversed bare feet through scorching territories of stone ground,
Sang nostalgic rhymes while kissing the winter breeze,
Grew strands of unruly beard on the immaculate skin of my face,
Stared unrelentingly all night at the cameo of twinkling stars,
Consumed food abstemiously with occasional sips of soiled water,
Erupted with volatile outbursts of anger at the slightest of provocation,
Walked at languid pace with the acerbic sun filtering through my eyes,
Wore pure suits of torn jute blended with cheap pieces of leather,
Lambasted myself with incessant strokes of the whiplash at dawn,
Distributed all my affluence to the needy and impoverished,
Disposed my smoke Grey sedan in fathomless waters of the ocean,
Burnt all novels which contained even minuscule traces of romance,
Refrained to cast frivolous glances the charismatic passing by,
Sequestered myself from pragmatic realities of life,
spending life like a relic in a dilapidated barn,
Ploughed the earth with my pickaxe shovel; the only means of survival,
There was a time I had bounced radiantly; blooming with life,
While at the present moment though; I sobbed all day and sinister night,
As I no longer possessed the power to win back my love,
To shrug of the obliteration’s and make her forever mine.


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