When I Needed Love

When I needed loads of conviction to fight every aspect of monotonous life; I looked into your impeccably righteous eyes,

When I needed the exhilaration to surge forward after wee hours of perilous midnight; I fondled your voluptuously ravishing hair,

When I needed unrelenting stamina to clamber to the ultimate summit of the mountain; I glimpsed at your celestially exuberant smile,

When I needed that indispensable rejuvenation to forget my battalion of pragmatic worries; I fondled the rubicund pink of your mesmerizing cheeks,

When I needed a tunnel of mysticism to envelop my conscience; I peered profoundly into the lines of your daintily embellished palms,

When I needed overwhelming courage to face the hideous hooded devil; I inhaled the divinely breath diffusing compassionately from your nostrils,

When I needed the persevering ardor to indefatigably execute my duties; I basked in the glory of your gloriously golden beads of perspiration,

When I needed back my moments of nostalgic childhood; I wholesomely blended my impoverished demeanor in the folds of your sacrosanct lap,

When I needed the profuse virtue of benevolence to help my shivering fellow beings; I glanced at the immaculate integrity of your magnanimous soul,

When I needed the flame of desire to rise in my body; I kissed your enchanting lips till eternity under the resplendent ocean of moonlight,

When I needed the Herculean tenacity to trespass over a blanket of thorns; I touched your feet; for the blessings which saw me emerge victorious in each mission I undertook,

When I needed that time should tumultuously fly; I concentrated on your lightening fast flurry of mischievous winks,

When I needed sleep after struggling for sweltering days on the trot; I absorbed the rhapsodic melody in your voice; that made me snore than the richest of kings,

When I needed my devotion to mankind culminate into a full blossom; I clasped your folded hands which prayed incessantly towards the Sun,
When I needed to forget my departed ones; I bonded your magical countenance tightly with mine; making me wholesomely oblivious to the essence of
veritable death and pain,

When I needed to impregnate astounding sensitivity in my routine form; I traced the outlines of your ingratiatingly marvelous face,

When I needed to lead life to the fullest; I followed your alluring footsteps; which kept boisterously bouncing; irrespective of advancing time and age,

When I needed to die and relinquish even the most minuscule draught of air I breathed; I looked at your Omnipotent shadow; which followed me all the way to
the heavens,

And when I needed immortally love; I bonded with the inner most core of your heart; and it was here that I found a perpetual gift of sharing and care; it was
here that I found all the wealth I was so desperately seeking in this miserably manipulative world.


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