When I Woke Up From Sleep

The mammoth elephants in the forest; made a thunderous noise; bellowing
rambunctious wails of sound from their trunk,
Inundating the placid ambience with obstreperous cacophony; I still slept
peacefully; with my hair drooling over my eyes.

The unruly traffic on the roads chugged smoke blatantly; honking unnecessarily
in wee hours of the night,
Permeating the carpet of air with incongruous noise; I still slept like a horse; thoroughly lost in the realms of dreamy fantasy.

The bedraggled urchins on the street shouted vociferously; flexing their lungs to monumental capacity,
Striking the cricket ball hard; with a glass pane shattering occasionally; I still slept unperturbed; with the furry blanket over my head.

An army of obnoxious mosquitoes hovered in the vicinity of my intricate ear;
buzzing incessantly tunes of insipid exasperation,
Evacuating precious blood from my succulent skin; I still slept like a prince;
with innocuous saliva oozing from my mouth.

The indiscriminate party of burglars marauded my house; pilfering all the
wealth they could their hands to,
Making a flurry of conspicuous sounds in the process; I still slept like a gigantic whale; with heavy snores emanating from my partially opened mouth.

Herculean drops of rain water struck against my kitchen window; accompanied by
sounds of stringent thunder and lightning,
With turbulent wind gushing right past my face; I still slept like a tortoise
with its head receded way inside its stomach.

Irate trespassers punched the doorbell with passionate fervor; incessantly
doing the same with renewed gusto,
Piercing the atmosphere with disdainful noises of the monotonous alarm; I
still slept with an enchanting smile on my lips; thoroughly oblivious to sound.

There were communal riots going on in the street below; a plethora of shops
were submerged by pugnacious fire,
Hordes of people fled their dwelling; ran berserk for their lives helter-skelter; I still slept like a drunkard; rolling languidly in my inebriated state.

Multiple buildings shook as an aftermath of vicious tremors; infinite walls of
solid concrete incorporated prominent cracks,
The entire structure reverberated with the unleashing impact of earthquake; I
still slept like a dead log; with my eyes formidably shut to the proceedings.

It was at that very moment she entered my room; her perpetual fragrance
tickled my conscience,
The aura of her magnificence rekindling my impoverished soul,
There took incredulous transformations in my body; and I woke up with a
startled look on my face; staring unrelentingly into her mystical eyes; and I didn’t sleep thereafter.


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