When I Wrote Her Name

When I wrote her name with light fountain ink; on the naked parchment of white paper,
It appeared almost invisible; failed to portray the fervent intensity of our romance.

When I inscribed her name on the walls; using exquisite quality of floral paints,
There emanated an ethereal fragrance of flower; although it failed to highlight the main ingredient of our love.

When I scribbled her name on the slippery beach sands; using a chiseled twig,
The calligraphy embossed looked amusing; although it soon got washed in entirety by the gushing waves.

When I painted her name on scintillating glass; using vibrant strokes of steel gray,
The printing was so scrupulous and neat; that it miserably failed to depict the tenacity of our relationship.

When I wrote her name on the black board; using a cylindrical stick of expensive chalk,
It appeared clear and bold; although it couldn’t yet provoke even the slightest of sentiment; and the professor soon scrubbed it clean with his duster.

When I embedded her name on a triangular biscuit of gold; using my switchblade knife,
It appeared grandiloquently studded; although it gave our love a look of ostentatious flattery.

When I symmetrically carved her name on the soft tree bark; using the corrugated drill,
It appeared astoundingly clear from a far distance; although it failed to convey our immortality; as the next second a nomad chopped it down.

When I incorporated her name on the voluptuous cake; using an icing of aromatic peppermint,
It looked romantically enticing; although it couldn’t display the essence of our romance; soon lost its charm as a battalion of ants and insets crawled all over.

When I painstakingly penned her name on glittering diamonds; using a solution of shimmering silver,
It appeared kingly and aristocratic; although it failed to highlight the hardships we had undergone to make our love an intransigent success.

And when I wrote her name on my chest; using rusty nails and a gleaming blade,
Pools of blood dribbled down my ribs; rendering me virtually unconscious; but this time it spoke fathomless volumes of our immense dedication,
With each droplet of blood; reflecting the unconquerable tenacity of our everlasting love.


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