When In Love

Even if you slapped me hard in my cheek; mercilessly whipping the succulent flesh of my body,
I would still bow down my head in obeisance; proclaim vociferously to the world that I loved you.

Even if you spat on me loads of your tangy saliva; castigating me openly amidst scores of civilians; for the most inadvertent of my mistakes,
I would still offer you a glass of spring water to mollify your anger; say
audaciously that I loved you.

Even if you starved me of food for the entire day; refraining to cast an amicable look in my direction,
I would still endeavor my best to make you frivolously smile; trying to enlighten the pallid atmosphere; declare without hesitancy that I loved you.

Even if you made me polish the dilapidated floors till they shone like mirrors; dictatorially commanded me to wipe your shoes,
I would still worship your feet in due reverence; whisper to the obdurate brick walls that I loved you.

Even if you made me iron your ostentatious clothes; dressing me in threadbare
sacs of corrugated jute,
I would still engulf you with the extra rag on my body; when you were shivering; sobbing hysterically in front of you to convey that I loved you.

Even if you shut your eyes when I confronted you; smirking haughtily when I
tried to utter the most diminutive of sound,
I would still carry you to your bed when your dreary toes floundered to hold
their weight on the ground; kiss you gently on your lips to portray I loved you.

Even if you deliberately snapped off my car brakes; making sure I met with a ghastly accident the next time I drove,
I would still utter your name while lying submerged in pools of greasy blood; shout as hard as I could expend my lungs to say that I loved you.

Even if you wished derogatory for me night and day; ominously stared at me for
no fault of mine,
I would still pray to the creator to impregnate your life with bountiful riches; ubiquitously disclose that I loved you.

Even if you pushed me from the aircraft hovering at an unprecedented altitude
in the clouds; waiting anxiously to witness the scenario of my inevitable death,
I would still smile compassionately at you; fervently hoping to witness your
grace again in the next birth; unanimously declare to all that I loved you before I relinquished breath.

Do you want to know the secret behind my blatantly irrational behavior; the cause for my uninhibited sacrifice,
Well its simply this darling; that I had loved you intensely since the moment I first saw you,
And WHEN IN LOVE; I only knew to chivalrously give; for the moment I asked you to grant me favors in return; I would be christened as the ‘biggest beggar’.


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