When My Heart Ceased To Function

When sensitive tunnels in my eardrum stopped functioning,
amicable voices of chirping birds failed to cast an impression,
stringent sounds emanating from vocal chords of my mother,
struck me as inaudibly sedative whispers of the girl i immensely loved.

as rosy pink fangs of my tongue shut down without prior notice,
there were insatiable urges to demonstrate my emotions,
my face contorted with hapless paralysis,
with my whole being plunging into opalescent fountains bereft of water.

when indispensable centers of my vision rebuked to function,
hazy blobs of grayish scarlet inundated my eyeball,
intricate outlines of the moon resembled disheveled chunks of ice-cream,
the catastrophe had marooned me on a paradise of dreams,
divested of the philanthropic power to see.

as my stolid pair of my feet brusquely froze in their advancing tread,
minuscule distances of the city; loomed menacingly as marathon race tracks,
the simplistic idea of walking seemed bizarrely austere,
infinite compartments of my body tugged me towards untimely slumber.

when clusters of my knotted fingers shunned to work,
mystical enigmas in my brain unleashed themselves at frantic pace,
flowery lines of contemporary literature seemed to erupt from my mouth,
with my manual apparatus unable to transform fantasy into written reality.

and eventually when boisterous threads of my heart relinquished vibrations,
gallons of crimson blood flowing transited to deathly blue,
rubicund complexion of my skin developed patches of febrile yellow,
my moistened breath evaporated in its rudimentary roots,
and i bid a tearful adieu to mother earth; which i had inhabited as a man for 50
long years.


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