When My Heart Felt Heavy

When my eyes felt preposterously heavy; I majestically treated them with infernos of bountifully unparalleled empathy,

When my lips felt insurmountably heavy; I fabulously treated them with an unfathomable balm of gregariously blossoming smiles,

When my ears felt satanically heavy; I resplendently treated them with a mesmerizing valley of ingratiatingly tantalizing sounds,

When my shoulders felt frantically heavy; I beautifully treated them with the miraculously
rejuvenating cascade of the timelessly heavenly waterfalls,

When my palms felt murderously heavy; I philanthropically treated them with the fabric of everlastingly sacrosanct and Omnipotent mankind,

When my feet felt drearily heavy; I symbiotically treated them with unfathomable elements of celestially fascinating righteousness,

When my blood felt asphyxiatingly heavy; I divinely treated it with unsurpassable rivers of fragrantly coalescing compassion,

When my fingers felt disastrously heavy; I jubilantly treated them with unfathomably regale fireballs of unrelentingly endowing artistry,

When my brain felt devastatingly heavy; I enchantingly treated it with fathomless cloudbursts of spellbindingly exotic fantasy,

When my bones felt cripplingly heavy; I harmoniously treated them with the panoramically ebullient cradle of endlessly reinvigorating nature,

When my lids felt ominously heavy; I rhapsodically treated them with an incomprehensible immeasurable valley of eternally titillating sensuousness,

When my conscience felt treacherously heavy; I blazingly treated it with unconquerable fortresses of patriotically unflinching honesty,

When my tongue felt salaciously heavy; I melodiously treated it with a perpetual hive of invincible sweetness and sparklingly benign graciousness,

When my stomach felt thunderously heavy; I amiably treated it with the synergistically fructifying fruits of sacredly proliferating Mother Nature,

When my neck felt monotonously heavy; I holistically treated it with cushions of heavenly silk; engulfing even the most infinitesimal cranny of my visage with
the blooming carpets of iridescent paradise,

When my deeds felt unbearably heavy; I philanthropically treated them with the perennially beautiful religion of priceless mankind,

When my shadow felt insidiously heavy; I victoriously treated it with the unassailable path of exhilaratingly unstoppable righteousness,

When my breath felt diabolically heavy; I fearlessly treated it with the Omnipotently scintillating Sunrays of vivaciously triumphant life,

And when my heart felt lethally heavy; I immortally treated it with the stupendously humanitarian impressions of love; love and only undefeatably true love.


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