When We Talk About Love

When we talk about the fiery body of sun; it’s magnanimous stature in
the sky,
The cardinal thing that inundates our mind; is its dazzling shine; and
the blistering rays that emanate indefatigably throughout the day.

When we talk about the placid persona of lake; the plethora of ripples
embodied on its surface,
The salient thing that floods our mind; is the boats floating on it;
the conglomerate of resplendent fish beneath its surface.

When we talk about the blossoming flowers in the garden; the wild
stalks of grass circumventing them,
The chief thing that deluges our mind; is the fragrance that
perennially wafts from them; the sweet nectar incarcerated in their core.

When we talk about the colossal desert; the sweltering heat permeating
the ambience like dagger heads of acrimonious steel,
The conspicuous thing that overwhelms our mind; is the astronomical
amounts of slippery sand; the hunchbacked camels traversing through its territory.

When we talk about the steep mountains; gigantic streams of water
plummeting down their slopes,
The remarkable thing that imprisons our mind; is its summits standing abreast the clouds; the melodious gurgling sounds of liquid cascading down towards the ground.

When we talk about the tenacious wind; turbulent draughts of breeze
sweeping the periphery of earth,
The prominent thing that encapsulates our mind; is rustling of the tree
leaves; the loose granules of mud which fly incoherently in air.

When we talk about the preposterously huge whales; their monstrous pair
of teeth which pulverize humans to chowder,
The main thing that engulfs our mind; is swirling waves of the majestic
ocean; the animated aquatic life inhabiting the fathomless waters.

When we talk about the diminutive mosquito; its proliferation in pools of fetid water,
The profound thing that envelops our mind; is incessant sounds of cacophonic
buzzing; the animosity in sting which painstakingly infiltrates in our flesh.

When we talk about gargantuan slices of cheese; the rich and sumptuous
odor diffusing from the same,
The supreme thing that strangulates our mind; is the sacrosanct cow
yielding immaculate milk; the delicious taste it would impart when we revolve it
in our mouth.

And when we talk about true love; the blissful aftermath of falling in romance,
The first thing that inevitably pierces our mind; is the mesmerizing image of
our beloved; the celestial reflections of her dainty feet.


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