When You Breathed

When you smiled; it seemed that a million lotuses fell on the parched territory of earth,

When you cried; the waves in the ocean clashed flirtatiously with the blazing chain of rocks,

When you sang; the birds in the jungle forgot to chirp and a celestial
silence descended all over,

When you ate; the most abhorrent appearing logs of charcoal seemed like golden nectar,

When you wrote; the most nonchalant of literature seemed like a string of shimmering pearls,

When you danced; all gods in heaven gathered to watch in stunned silence,

When you yawned; there seemed to be a valley of eternal bliss right down your throat,

When you were naughty; it seemed as if the most heinous of criminals around
you were small children,

When you perspired; it seemed as if the melody in your aroma pacified the most tumultuous of turmoil,

When you winked; it seemed as if springs of white froth gushed down the pristine slopes in lazy tandem,

When you walked; it seemed as if a cluster of fairies had fallen from the sky to permanently inhabit the earth,

When you slept; it seemed that the most glittering of gold was showered
unrelentingly from the cosmos,

When you bathed; it seemed as if shriveled and decayed beauty in this world had taken a new birth,

When you shivered; it seemed as if the mesmerizing night had forgotten to unveil into the sweltering day,

When you sneezed; it seemed as if lost charm and exuberance flooded back into the atmosphere,
When you blushed; it seemed as if silver bolts of lightening plummeted from the sky igniting multiple fires even in frozen water,

When you screamed; it seemed as if the profoundly gloomy ambience exploded in fury; to illuminate the blackness,

When you stared; it seemed that all the uncouth and barbaric activities were replaced by unparalleled innocence and empathy,

And when you breathed; I felt that I was re-born; and as each breath of yours caressed my skin; I felt myself more and more entangled in the bonds of your


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