Whispering Of Nature

The wind blows at a soft tune,
As I sit in the full light of the Sun,
Profound with the power to enchant,
Teasing tiny grass stalks with all its might,
Filling stripped cavities of my heart,
With waves of rapturous melody.

The Sun’s light on the sprawling web of green,
Invades the blanket of blissful beauty,
Mesmerizing golden dew drops with its aura,
Like iterative soft caresses of a young mother,
Cuddling her baby with showers of encouragement,
Incorporated with conditions of pure love.

The gleaming sea waters in full flow,
Endowed with sparkling film of salt,
Strike colossal jet black rocks,
Translucent in their perennial strength,
Take the Sun with its dazzling yellow light,
As their constant companion.

The snow clad cliffs make a way,
Weaving their way through a valley of clouds,
Like crystalline shapes of pure wonder; encroaching and puffing solitary spaces of the misty valley.


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