A plethora of dark veined leaves; whispered frantically to the silhouette of plum tree,
To stand like a mountain in turbulent winds; not to succumb even when its roots were attacked by parasite.

Mammoth sculptured blue bodied whales; whispered fervently to the saline ocean,
To drench their silken skin entirely with salt; gratify their gluttony with scores of sumptuous fish.

Scorched sands of the colossal desert; whispered abusively to sapphire puffs of clouds,
To unrelentingly rain; transforming their impoverished soul into one with bountiful water.

The venomous form of rustic jungle spider; whispered incorrigibly to the threads in its intricate web,
To bear it’s weight for times immemorial; entangling in a vise like grip; a battalion of succulent insect.

The obdurate stones strewn incoherently on the ground; whispered to passing pedestrians,
To trample they walked; pleading with the bystanders to kick them into remote corners of oblivion.

Dry sticks of trimmed lumber; whispered intermittently to steaming flames of fire,
To incinerate them thoroughly; transforming their composite proportion into frugal heaps of burnt chowder.

The newly born mammalian sibling; whispered pleadingly to its mother,
To feed it’s famished lips; with perennial supply of salubrious milk.

The sealed demeanor of stamped envelope; whispered nostalgically in the ears of the postman,
To deliver it without further delay; into the safe hands of the person it belonged.

A fleet of orphans in the sanatorium; whispered inevitably to God,
To reveal traces of their loved ones; unite them as one again; to bring back lost anecdotes of supreme felicity.

The articulately carved key; whispered sonorously to the lock,
To accommodate it with nonchalant ease; opening without apprehensions the moment it caressed its periphery.

My tangible heart at the end of the monotonous day; whispered to my soul,
To grant it reprieve from misdeeds inadvertently committed in the day; forgive it for all the evil it harnessed.

And the omniscient aura of God; whispered philanthropically to all his fellow beings inhabiting the earth,
To extend comforting arms towards those in distress and pain; profoundly master the art of perpetual love.


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