It produced a melodious sound on emanating; flooding the gloomy ambience with profound tinges of rhapsody,

It awoke the squirrels fast asleep in the dense bushes; as they scampered helter-skelter to hunt for their prey,

It generated ripples amongst clusters of dead leaves; making them stand erect on their frigid tips,

It substantially pacified the uncontrollably sobbing child; fomenting a gregarious smile to spread on his innocuous face,

It engendered scores of youngsters sulking under the Sun; to dance and swirl ecstatically with the vivaciously drifting winds,

It penetrated like a sugar coated arrow through the stillness of the valley; circulating delectably through every dwelling,

It captivated the attention of every single passerby; causing them to blink their eyes in utter astonishment and disbelief,

It had an incredulous impact on the dolphins floating in the sea; causing them to somersault in animated exhilaration,

It was prolifically used amongst gangs of ominous thieves; as a subtle signal to furtively communicate,

It had a mesmerizing effect on the severely traumatized nerves of the mentally afflicted; allowing them slim moments of reprieve from their debilitating and crippling condition,

It gave the tongue a versatile opportunity to use itself; in the most dexterous way possible and to the fullest,

It proved as an excellent alternative for a person who didn’t remember even a single line of the song; and yet had all the desire in the world to loudly sing it,

It had the velvety grace of a shadow; as well as the hostility of a valiant scream well blended together,

It lit an ethereal ray of hope in the eyes of the man dying; as he felt it poignantly infiltrate into his ears,
It reinstated loads of rejuvenation and confidence in a person just about to appear for an interview; as he executed it audaciously before entering the boss’s cabin,

It broke all the awkwardness and formality between two politicians; once they did it before sitting to settle their country’s difference,

It was infact the best and most consummate way; in which a dumb man could communicate for long distances; after using just a trifle of his wind,

And the best thing about it was; that it was the surest and sweetest signal to entice a girl’s heart; when several others of its kind had miserably failed,

Now could you have ever envisaged in the most wildest of your dreams; that a thing as inconspicuous as a tiny whistle; was able to achieve what the most stupendous of remedies couldn’t? Infact just an infinitesimal bellow of limp breath could have produced such a drastic effect on all mankind.


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