Who Was She?

Who was she who stole my sleep; although I felt like collapsing like a dead sack; perspiring more than Sun all throughout the brilliant day?

Who was she who made me feel like a prince; although I was the poorest entity alive; rotting in stinking jute; as my comrades danced in majestic silk outside?

Who was she who tormented me beyond the point of no control; tantalizing me like a heavenly seductress; and then living me supremely replenished in my impoverished life?

Who was she who made me crave for more although I had achieved my share from my life; made me insatiably wander through uncanny lanes of the romantically

Who was she who made me love every entity on this fathomless planet; when infact I had even forgotten to take my name with pride?

Who was she who ignited thunderbolts of unprecedented desire in my diminutive demeanor; even though it murderously snowed since centuries outside?

Who was she who came like an angel in my blood; not only mitigating it from the most deadliest of disease; but granting it an incredulously infinite more lives?

Who was she who became each word I spoke; each dream that I desired even in the most boisterous of light; stumbling on each footstep although I had the
most strongest of feet?

Who was she who always invisibly comforted me the most when I needed it; ensuring I irrefutably emerged triumphant in every aspect of intrepidly challenging life?

Who was she who was the unflinching candle of my every night; who divinely guided me to my mission; the ultimate fantasies of my life; even before I could speak?

Who was she who made me witness paradise even in the midst of unruly traffic; propelled me to take birth an infinite times; till I blissfully pacified the insurmountable agony of my dwindling soul?

Who was she who made me soar through the clouds like a royal eagle; compassionately romancing with the exotic winds that clung ardently to my famished wings?

Who was she who engendered me to continue God’s sacred chapter of never ending life; making me procreate countless more of my kind?

Who was she who deluged my life with unsurpassable happiness; metamorphosing each tear of mine into pearls of exuberantly enthralling joy?

Who was she who at times became my mother; my father; my sister; never making me feel that I was uncouthly orphaned right since my first cry of devastated life?

Who was she who made me oblivious to the most thunderous sounds in this Universe; following her footsteps like an insane lunatic; even after the last droplet of blood had wholesomely evaporated from my veins?

Who was she who came like a shadow in my pathetic survival; became the insatiably voluptuous redolence of each of my senses; assuming monumental proportions
more than the divine?

Who was she who stole each beat of my heart; made me feel the richest alive not only in this birth; but immortalized each minuscule breath of mine?

And although I didn’t meet her in this lifetime of mine; not had the tiniest of insinuation of how her body looked; it was indeed the power of her invincible
soul; that made me break through each hell; love her forever and ever and ever in a land of the Omnipotent God’s; in a land of ultimate paradise.


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