Whether it be clambering the footsteps that led to your dwelling; or whether it be exuberantly galloping to the summit of the Herculean mountain; in
lightening seconds of time,

Whether it be whispering your fears into your mother’s ear; or whether it be blazingly silencing the wail of derogatory corruption; with the power of unflinching righteousness in your exhilarated voice,

Whether it be plucking a singleton fruit for your existence; or whether it be indefatigably expending every element of your intrepid silhouette; to philanthropically feed all on this planet; one and alike,

Whether it be envisaging about what was going to unveil just an infinitesimal footstep beyond your body; or whether it be galloping your brain on an unrelenting rampage; to assimilate all panoramic beauty on this earth in your wandering soul,

Whether it be stooping and cleaning every iota of dust from your kitchen window; or whether it be patriotically baring your irrefutably sparkling
countenance; for the sake of your entire motherland,

Whether it be bathing your dreary bones under the measly trickle diffusing from your dilapidated tap; or whether it be gyrating in profound furor with the
ravishingly undulating ocean waves,

Whether it be straining your ear towards the sounds of the majestically mellifluous nightingale; or whether it be ebulliently absorbing the ingratiating
fascination of this gigantic world; like unbelievable darts of white
lightening through your ears,

Whether it be tanning the patches of profuse white in your skin as the first rays of Sun shone enchantingly outside; or whether it be audaciously facing the
mighty winds of the ferociously sweltering desert; singlehandedly,

Whether it be tracing the outlines of your quavering shadow with your curled fingers; or whether it be wholesomely coalescing even the most mercurial element of your mind; body and conscience with the religion of eternally insuperable mankind,

Whether it be embossing an inconspicuous alphabet on barren paper; or whether it be tumultuously inundating fathomless kilometers of disastrously bane canvas; with boundless volumes of spell binding literature,

Whether it be assisting your own kin in whatever way you could; or whether it be standing like an unconquerable fortress in the face of the most acrid
adversity; for handsomely mitigating every orphaned and blessed; alike,

Whether it be feeling exultated by just a globule of rain on your impoverished caricature; or whether it be uninhibitedly wandering through the lanes of
unfathomably radiant and celestial paradise,

Whether it be flirting with sensuously nubile maidens behind the sunset hills; or whether it be surrendering even the most fugitive beat of your heart to the
person your implacably loved,

Whether it be licking a parsimonious glob of holistic honey; or whether it be wanting the symbiotic sweetness of the unsurpassably iridescent atmosphere;
to nestle miraculously on the tip of your emaciating tongue,

Whether it be passing out your examinations at school to appease your revered parents; or whether it be royally acquiring every felicitation on this boundless
planet; even beyond they could ever perceive to magnificently come,

Whether it be a capricious craving to harness artistry with your very own scarlet blood; or whether it be a altruistic resolution to poignantly dedicate every day
of your life; to the benign service of innocuously bountiful mankind,

Whether it be an evanescent breath that you wanted to expunge from your beleaguered nostrils; or whether it be a vibrantly impregnable determination of your conscience to instill quintessential life in every extinguishing life; that you encountered in your way,

Whether it be your signature for a single humanitarian life; or whether it be your immortal pledge to take birth an infinite times; till the time you eradicated
every obnoxious trace of uxoriously depraving slavery and poverty,

Whatever benevolent you do; whether it be minuscule or whether it be more colossal than your timeless life; do it wholeheartedly; plunging every trace of your heart; blood; breath and body ardently into it,

And then you will find; that with the blessings of the Omnipotent Lord; there would be no salacious devil to impede you in your way; there would be no devil to stop you; invincibly succeed.


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