Wholeheartedly Use Death

Wholeheartedly use the knife; but not to ruthlessly massacre and preposterously kill,
Irrefutably ensure that you blazingly drove the treacherously salacious devil; fathomless kilometers away from your sacrosanct motherland; with its intrepid sharpness instead.

Wholeheartedly use the thorn; but not to hedonistically puncture innocuously mesmerizing skin;
Irrefutably ensure that you poignantly carved an unfathomable flurry of mystically embellished designs in impeccably whites sands; with its explicitly
blistering edge instead.

Wholeheartedly use the bludgeon; but not to lambaste immaculately intriguing scalps into infinitesimally pulverized ash,
Irrefutably ensure that you unflinching defended all those torturously divested; from the diabolical footsteps of the indiscriminately advancing devil; with its formidable strength instead.

Wholeheartedly use the abuse; but not to lecherously reproach the sacredly widowed mother,
Irrefutably ensure that you taught an ultimate lesson to the sanctimoniously sodomized politicians son; who kept even the most pricelessly divine entity alive at
the tip of his cadaverous shoe; with its resonating whiplash instead.

Wholeheartedly use the scarecrow; but not to baselessly petrify the innocently wandering and blessedly blossoming child,
Irrefutably ensure that you insuperably sequestered fathomless fields of quintessential corn; from truculently infiltrating beats; with its amorphous uncanniness instead.

Wholeheartedly use the curse; but not to baselessly jinx the enchantingly newborn and vivaciously bustling with the first cry of vibrant life,
Irrefutably ensure that you perpetually froze derogatorily frigid corruption; in its very
nonchalantly ghastly roots; with its acerbic sultriness instead.

Wholeheartedly use the venom; but not to hideously asphyxiate the staggering beggar’s already dwindling breath,
Irrefutably ensure that you decimated even the most evanescent trace of evil from the fabric of the painstakingly degrading and deteriorating society; with its inevitable aftermath instead.

Wholeheartedly use the storm; but not to perniciously drown compassionately embracing friends to the invidiously grassless rock bottom and the mouth of the
emaciated whale,
Irrefutably ensure that you unassailably overwhelmed even the most diminutive speck of abominable prejudice; with its rejuvenating waves instead.

Wholeheartedly use shit; but not to meaninglessly deluge the meadows of uninhibitedly righteous scent with an unsurpassable squall of preposterously
ungainly stench,
Irrefutably ensure that you indefatigably painted the irately bloodsoaked castles of brutally incarcerating anarchists; with its indescribably lascivious ostracism instead.

Wholeheartedly use the acid; but not to heinously victimize and char holistic entities into capricious chunks of bizarrely threadbare absolution,
Irrefutably ensure that you extinguished the murderous existence of all those mordantly infidel molesters; with its implacably fuming fire instead.

Wholeheartedly use the vultures; but not to ludicrously pluck at the skin of organisms; unequivocally marching as the harbingers of timelessly
benevolent humanity,
Irrefutably ensure that you entirely snapped the fangs of manipulatively parasitic ghosts; with theirunstoppably hunting beaks instead.

Wholeheartedly use betrayal; but not to devilishly separate two perennially coalescing and divinely bonding lovers,
Irrefutably ensure that you created unbreakable rifts between the horrific monsters of ghoulishly imprisoning hell; with its delinquently dolorous remorse instead.

And wholeheartedly use death; but not to criminally strangulate truthfully burgeoning and exhilaratingly united mankind,
Irrefutably ensure that you beautifully relieved all those inexplicably rotting in mortuaries of incurably maiming disease; with its limitless silence instead.


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