Wholesomely And Completely Dead.

Neither could it ever wholeheartedly laugh; even as the most unbelievably effervescent clowns danced in inarticulate unison around it; and for times beyond
the realms of handsome eternity,

Neither could it ever mischievously twinkle; even as the most vivaciously nubile maidens; rapturously encircled its stupendously masculine teats and
uninhibitedly rampant chest hair,

Neither could it ever unabashedly dream; even as the most tantalizingly surreal mists of heavenliness; profusely enshrouded it from every conceivable end,

Neither could it ever sensuously romanticize; even as the most voluptuously enchanting women of tomorrow; indefatigably traced every of its visibly blessed

Neither could it ever merrily whistle; even as the most profoundly euphoric winds of the atmosphere; made a poignantly enthralling beeline for every bit of open space in its nostrils,

Neither could it ever sensitively hear; even as the most ecstatically thunderous sounds of mother nature; unleashed themselves on every barren quarter of this Universe; in the form of unrelentingly seductive rain,

Neither could it ever celestially eat; even as the most bounteously panoramic fruits of nature divine; vividly danced till times beyond infinity; right infront of its eyes,

Neither could it ever effusively empathize; even as the most wretchedly bizarre sufferings on innocuously untainted humanity; lambasted at whisker lengths from
its placid contours,

Neither could it ever joyously blush; even as it was ubiquitously serenaded; by every man and woman alive on the trajectory of this fathomlessly spell-binding planet,

Neither could it ever perspicaciously prognosticate; even as the most impregnably divine rays of resplendent clairvoyance; victoriously blazed through the royal whites of its eyes,

Neither could it ever jubilantly speak; even as the most mystically pin-drop silence in the fabric of the entire earth around; fervently and solely waited for nothing else; but being timelessly consecrated by only his voice,

Neither could it ever symbiotically embrace; even as every religion; fraternity; color; and tribe on this gigantic earth; came invincibly close to it after forgetting all differences of caste; creed; and perennially bonding into the religion of priceless

Neither could it ever ardently desire; even as the most insuperably wondrous dewdrops of effulgent excitement; sparkled till times beyond infinity; all over its silent and humbly obeisant bodily contours,

Neither could it ever righteously earn; even as the entire wealth on this boundlessly enigmatic planet; was there for him to command; only if he executed the quintessentially simple words of immortal love,

Neither could it ever potently proliferate; even as the most rapturously enamoring ladies of mankind; were seen tirelessly squabbling with each other; to ascertain their right to interminably mate with him first,

Neither could it ever perseveringly sweat; even as the most Omnipotently blazing beams of the Sun; traced an infinite circles of true manhood; on its unnervingly
exposed armpits,

Neither could it ever synergistically defecate; even as the most obnoxiously decayed elements of food and water; unstoppably swelled and reigned supreme; in its
unmoving intestines and stomach,

Neither could it ever passionately breathe; even as the entire Universe of exuberantly undefeated air; lay readily virgin for it; to majestically and timelessly devour with its pair of harmonious nostrils,

Neither could it ever perpetually love; even as every beat of peerlessly unflinching companionship on this endlessly fructifying earth; expressed its very last wish as entering into the caverns of its fearless chest,

And how on earth could it ever do all this; as the body which once upon a time was the most unassailably virile form on planet earth; had now been consumed by
the coffins of remorsefully unending extinction; had now succumbed to inevitably unbearable fate; was as a matter of fact; now; and an infinite more moments from
now on; declared by the Omnipresent Creator; as wholesomely and completely dead.


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