Why Are You Bothered?

You just climb the tree with a spirit of adventure drenching each of your bedraggled senses; and the winds of untamed euphoria encapsulating each of your dreary nerves,
Why are you bothered about counting the innumerable number of branches that came in between; the incomprehensibly pertinent barricade of worms and insects that you encountered in your way?

You just eat the mango wholeheartedly with stupendous relish; rhapsodically devouring its majestic skin with the ecstatic buds in your tongue,
Why are you bothered about counting the unsurpassable number of seeds incarcerated in its belly; the baseless strands of bitterness that protruded
harmlessly from its body?

You just swim exuberantly across the bountifully ravishing lake; letting the heavenly waters take celestial control over the boundless battalion of frazzled parasites lingering in your insidious blood,
Why are you bothered about counting the meaningless number of ripples that floated on the surface; the innocuously drifting sea weed and frigid lumber that kissed your shriveled skin; as you drifted by?

You just bask in the aisles of unprecedentedly ebullient fantasy and desire; galloping towards the summit of unparalleled happiness as each instant unveiled by,
Why are you bothered about counting the countless number of images that stupendously enshrouded your nimble mind; the fathomless myriad of color which
hovered obscurely in the interiors of your intriguingly passionate brain cells?

You just patriotically march for your motherland in all situations alike; beheading the army of lecherously blood-sucking traitors on the other side; with your invincible sword of righteousness,
Why are you bothered about counting the invidiously augmenting number of devils; the unending repertoire of insinuations that they harbored; in their murderous
plot to overtopple sagacious mankind?

You just sight your bountifully endowed reflection in the profusely sparkling mirror; admiring the intricate shapes of your countenance bestowed upon you in vibrant abundance; by the Omnipotent Almighty Lord,
Why are you bothered about counting the worthless sheets of dead fiber imprisoned inside the glass; the disdainful blotches of dirt failing occasionally tocast their impression upon its satiny periphery?

You just disseminate the ideals of immortal peace; love and humanity; to the most remotest parts of this boundlessly benign Universe,
Why are you bothered about counting the countless fleet of manipulative politicians and tycoons; the ropes of treacherous drudgery that they had spun upon
the crippled and enslaved; alike?

You just pursue whatever the innermost recesses of your heart dictate; passionately bonding and blending with the waves of unconquerable artistry and the Omnipresent aura of fantasy for centuries immemorial,
Why are you bothered about counting the unendingly monotonous jokers around; for whom nothing else mattered on this earth; but working like an insane clockwork from nine to nine?

And you just pursue your love in this bloomingly mesmerizing life; immortally coalescing with its Omniscient spirit every time you were bestowed upon with an opportunity to be born; robustly once again,
Why are you bothered about counting the ludicrously corrupt barriers of conventionally rigid society; the tremendously cowardly pattern that they had adopted
since the time that they had emanated their very first breath; the same dastardly pattern which they wanted you to incorrigibly follow; for ostensibly no reason or rhyme?


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