Why Couldn’t You?

If the ravishingly mesmerizing lotus could spawn from the; stinkingly sordid pond of lugubriously dolorous dirt; with nothing but an obfuscated haze
of decaying scarecrows around,
Then why couldn’t you exist as pristine as an immaculate angel; amidst the horrendously berserk ratrace for commercial lunatism; the tornadoes of
abhorrent jealously that pulverized countless into threadbare dust?

If the brilliantly blazing fireball of Sun could arise from behind; the prison of ominously insidious and horrifically crippling clouds,
Then why couldn’t you exist as the ultimate messiah of philanthropic truth; in a world treacherously enshrouded by the winds of diabolical hatred;
and abominably ruthless lies?

If the carpet of resplendently robust grass could evolve bountifully around the murderously rueful corpse; stagnating in realms of disparagingly
deteriorating and delinquent oblivion,
Then why couldn’t you exist as an unflinchingly innocuous patriot; whilst the planet around you parasitically sucked indefatigable reservoirs of blood; fought every moment of their lives for spuriously materialistic gains?

If Omnipotent whirlpools of golden honey could ooze from amidst the branches of the barbarically thorny hive; lecherously trying its best to dreadfully abrade its harmonious melody,
Then why couldn’t you exist as a messiah bonding all humanity one and alike; even as thunderously dictatorial hell rained unsparingly everywhere around
you; from the heart of hell in fathomless sky?

If rejuvenating water gloriously oozed from the belly of the savage cactus; with nothing but an entrenchment of hostile nails to penalize it every unleashing
second; in the truculently scorching heat,
Then why couldn’t you solely follow the inner most tunes of your passionate heart; even as the very entity of charismatic human had metamorphosed into a
robotic missile; indiscriminately trampling upon one another; to maliciously catapult to the summit of bombastic prosperity?

If the resplendently euphoric voice of the nightingale could diffuse profoundly unconquerable magic in the gigantic forests; inspite of the salaciously man-eater
lion; thunderously trumpeting its incoherently demonic feet,
Then why couldn’t you irrefutably adhere to the principles of symbiotically benign existence; even as the entire globe around you; had invidiously
transformed into a marketplace of artificiality; a graveyard of raunchy flesh trade?

If the most impeccably opalescent Moon could blossom from the heart of ghastly darkness; a torturous ambience of black heinously stabbing it from
all sides,
Then why couldn’t you cherish an infinite births on the sacrosanct footsteps of your divine mother; even as the entire earth around you; malevolently shrugged
the ones they loved the most in their insipid conquest of earning;
pugnacious money?

If unsurpassable gallons of Omnipresent breath sprouted in the aisles of bizarre nothingness; with the endless battalion of tyrannizing demons trying their absolute best to asphyxiate even the most capricious iota of blissful life,
Then why couldn’t you unequivocally maneuver your conscience towards the path of eternal righteousness; even as the entire Universe around you; insanely
thrived on sardonically sullen platforms of manipulation and coldblooded lies?

And if true love reigned immortally supreme everytime the earth was born; although the insurmountably lambasting cauldron of devils; massacred its priceless throne a countless times,
Then why couldn’t you altruistically relinquish every trace of your life for suffering humanity on each step that you tread; even as the entire planet around you; gruesomely blinded each other in their quest of greedily sighting the
first rays of dawn?


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