Why Did He

Why did he have to walk with a crippled leg,
when several of his age took part in marathon race.

Why did he beg with bruised bowls of cheap copper,
When bulk of the population sipped peach flavored chocolate rum.
Why did he travel long distance on rusty bicycle,
Silver sedans with undeserving youth clambered through dream lanes of the valley.

Why did he quench his thirst with contaminated tap water,
His counterpart mates drank Irish spring water all night and day.

Why did he sleep with clattering teeth with threadbare sacks wrapped round his
Affluent children snuggled tightly under the comfort of their Persian quilt.

Why did he spend his day begging and pulling truck load,
youth of his age swam merrily, played long tennis with cushioned racket.

Why did he place his feet on scorched tarmac,
The prince in the palace tread on Luke warm chips of scented marble.

Why did he speak in a rustic village accent,
Teenagers of his kind babbled inarticulately in different styles of slang.

Why did he wear clothes that were stained with colored spit and mud,
A fleet of school children attired in white shirt and immaculate tie.

Why did he have no one to wipe his tears with tinges of blood,
God bestowed riches on some and a mountain of horrendous difficulty on the other


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