Why Just ‘happy Birthday’ Once A Year?

I was amazingly born everytime; I spoke the unflinchingly peerless truth; wholesomely unperturbed and unaffected by the zillion abuses and gory atrocities meted upon me; by the fathomless planet outside,

I was ecstatically born everytime; I wholeheartedly embraced each orphan that I encountered in my way; compassionately and forever carrying him towards his
ultimate destination and treating him like one of my very own blood and kin,

I was spell bindingly born everytime; I wafted the essence of eternally fructifying symbiotism from even the most inconspicuous of my senses; holistically melanged with each of my surroundings as one of its most priceless gifts of creation Divine,

I was spectacularly born everytime; I tirelessly evolved panoramically humanitarian poetry; out of wisps of sheer and pathetically dwindling nothingness,

I was ebulliently born everytime; I fearlessly set out to adventure; stumbling upon an infinite more new creations of Mother Nature; when I’d just thought that the world had now come to a virtual standstill,

I was triumphantly born everytime; I wholesomely changed the miserably jinxed destiny lines on my palms; reached the absolute zenith of philanthropic success with sheer hard work and an infinite droplets of righteous sweat,

I was exuberantly born everytime; I earnestly attempted my very best to perpetually coalesce every caste; creed; religion; color and sect under the Omnipotent Sun; into the most unconquerably supreme religion of humanity,

I was victoriously born everytime; I unabashedly proliferated into countless of my own; sowing the astoundingly virile seeds of my body; to far and wide by the grace of the Omnipresent Almighty Lord,

I was blessedly born everytime; I infallibly marched on the path of unshakable righteousness; even though it was barbarously laden with a countless
agonizingly blood-stained thorns,

I was effulgently born everytime; I selflessly entered the body of each disastrously suffering organism on this planet; felt its pain as my very own; and then tried my very best to ameliorate it towards the aisles of celestial paradise,

I was poignantly born everytime; I exuded an infinite droplets of love from every conceivable pore of my impoverished form; then used the same for the creation
of a brand new civilization whose foundations rested on the bricks of immortally bounteous compassion,

I was everlastingly born everytime; I took fresh breath into my nostrils; with a perennial resolve to uproot even the most infinitesimal trace of dastardly evil; from the fabric of this conventionally sanctimonious society,

I was interminably born everytime; I uninhibitedly fantasized till even beyond the realms of unlimited eternity; about the pristine pearls of goodness forever falling and blessing the trajectory of earth divine,

I was bountifully born everytime; I euphorically propagated to every existing corner of this limitless Universe; that the religion of humanity was bigger and greater than any other blood relation thriving on this planet,

I was stupendously born everytime; I stopped the indiscriminate felling of trees; planting a countless more seedlings for every blissfully venerated tree mercilessly massacred,

I was enchantingly born everytime; I relentlessly discovered every aspect and pore of my beloved’s body; culminating into the ultimate fireball of undefeatedly
tantalizing thrill,

I was supremely born everytime; I royally replenished even the tiniest of my agony and desire; wholesomely enshrouding each of my senses with the resplendently enlightening fruits of mother nature,

I was impregnably born everytime; I kissed the Omniscient feet of my mother to be further blessed; affably cuddled in her altruistic lap; to be timelessly caressed as once again her newborn child,

I was wonderfully born everytime; I made every haplessly deprived female on earth as my benign sister; invincibly protected her chastity from even the most invisible trace of the devil; and for the remainder of my life,

I was fantastically born everytime; I perpetuated beams of literate enlightenment into the lives of all those worthlessly illiterate; endlessly fought for establishing their egalitarian right in every shoulder and walk of life,

I was insuperably born everytime; the Omnipotent Almighty Lord felt that a worthlessly non-existent molecule such as me; was one amongst his countless blessed ones alive,

Then tell me; why do you wish me and an infinite like me a Happy Birthday only just once in a year; when infact we were born into a countless more undefeated lives; every single instant that we ardently committed ourselves to the unassailable chapters of humanity; goodness and symbiotic life.


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