Why Not Mother’s Initials?

It was only a mother who so majestically bore you 9 months in her Omnipotent womb; nourishing every ingredient of your blessed body and bone; with her very own pricelessly inimitable blood,

It was only a mother who delivered you so celestially to the world; not letting even the most infinitesimal of scratch engulf your persona; whilst bearing the most indescribably excruciating of pain,

It was only a mother who so compassionately suckled you with her sacrosanct
milk; mollifying even the most mercurial trace of your irascible hunger; although she was uncontrollably shivering in cancerous disease all the time,

It was only a mother who so holistically taught you how to walk; following
and tracing even the most oblivious footstep of yours; whilst you kicked your baby feet in uninhibited abandon towards her impeccable face,

It was only a mother who so obsessively searched every cranny of this earth;
to feed you with the best food and fruit available; bearing countless a whiplash of the sadistically pugnacious society in the entire process,

It was only a mother who so unsurpassably trembled in the freezing winter night; but enveloped every inch of your tiny form in the last altruistic robe adorning her venerated body,

It was a only mother who so endlessly fought against the entire planet; just so that you wholesomely followed even the most unconventionally evanescent dreams of your heart; just so that you blossomed till realms beyond infinite infinity in whatever symbiotic you chose to do,

It was only a mother who so irrefutably believed every voice that emanated from your soul; even as the entire Universe ignominiously slandered you and incarcerated you
in ghoulishly crippling chains,

It was only a mother who so magnanimously condoned even the most unpardonable of your sin; infallibly believing it when you said that it had happened quite inadvertently from your demeanor,

It was only a mother who so indefatigably prayed to the Omniscient Almighty
Lord for your perpetual betterment; whilst herself pathetically emaciating on a coffin of cadaverously fetid thorns,

It was only a mother who so selflessly and forever showered her countless blessings upon your impoverished form; even though at times you rebuked her; and lived in separated dwellings after earning your own livelihood,

It was only a mother who so brilliantly sketched even the most ethereal ingredient of your form with the redolent blood in her veins; even in the most diabolically crucifying of blackness,

It was only a mother who so perennially congratulated you at the even the most fugitive of your accomplishment; whilst the entire tawdry planet unceasingly laughed at your inanely frigid foolhardiness,

It was only a mother who so inexhaustibly stood guard by your side all day
and satanic night; invincibly safe-guarding you from even the most dreariest voice of the devil; whilst you snored in bounteous heaven’s paradise,

It was only a mother who so unabashedly sold herself to every tangible trace of the chauvinistic male demon; just in order to earn that extra penny; which would add an undefeated glint to each element of your survival,

It was only a mother who so indefatigably harnessed even the most fleeting trace of your creativity; epitomizing the artist effulgently radiating from your breath; to perpetually blend with the Omnipresent Almighty Lord,

It was only a mother who so royally ameliorated you from the dungeons of torturous pain; metamorphosing even the most unstoppably bleeding of your wounds into the unassailable light of the Morning Sun; with just a single of her miraculous caress,

It was only a mother who so immortally loved you as her child; immortally dedicated every beat of her heart to your ecstatic creation; for a countless more of her lifetimes,

It was only a mother who so timelessly nourished every aspect of your truncated existence with her unflinchingly godly breath; tirelessly pumping victorious life in your mind; body; soul and spirit; even after she inevitably left for her heavenly abode,

And yet you fecklessly decrepit human molecule overlooked everything that she’d done for you; cannibalistically overlooked the incomparable sacrifices that she’d made to enable you to live an unlimited number of lifetimes; ruthlessly embossing your father’s initials instead of hers between your name and surname; just because it’d been going on since thousands of years; and just because your spuriously stupid society said


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