Why Should I?

Why should I embrace the satanically lecherous; with uncouth blood stained profusely on their devilish palms?
When I had her impeccable memories floating vividly; in the crystalline white of my poignant eyes.

Why should I play with the acrimonious demons; frolicking in their land inundated with treacherous sin and blood?
When I had her irrefutably sacrosanct shadow by my side; profoundly alluring me with its ravishing charisma and philanthropic charm.

Why should I bow down in front of the horrendously ghastly traitors; barbarically tyrannizing and rebuking innocent mothers?
When I had her divine persona nestling indefatigably in my soul; enriching it towards its ultimate goal; its most unfathomable richness in life.

Why should I philosophize the indiscriminately illegitimate essence of evil; harnessing coldblooded monsters to escalate higher than the clouds?
When I had her vivaciously benign dreams in my mind; her rhapsodic fragrance which tirelessly kept casting its irrevocable spell; upon each dwindling bone of my
penurious countenance.

Why should I frantically search for hideous crime; assassinating blissful life diabolically from the trajectory of this celestial Universe?
When I had the magnanimous festoon of her humanitarian ideals; lingering in even the most inconspicuous ingredient of my crimson blood.

Why should I blend with the torturous winds of malice; weighing myself every instant in the heinously stinking scales of manipulative give and take?
When I had her battalion of boundless smiles incarcerated safely within the periphery of my lips; endlessly catapulting me to an island of everlasting joy and stupendous fulfillment.

Why should I entangle myself into the murderous battle for insatiable power; baselessly leading each moment of my life to achieve a stardom at the cost of
ruthless bloodshed?
When I had her sacred palms perpetually united in mine; her godly feet matching my every step; as I propelled forward to scrap parasites from mankind.

Why should I commit horrifically deplorable suicide; relinquish the last breath of my life in utter hopelessness and unsurpassable despair?
When I her incredulously melodious sounds intransigently engulfing my ears; making me desire beyond the realms of the absolute extraordinary; marvelously quenching every benevolent ambition of mine.

And why should I dream of another birth with Herculean power; blessed with a miraculous prowess to metamorphose every inconspicuous stone into glitteringly mesmerizing gold?
When I had her immortal heartbeats imprisoned in the innermost realms of my chest; granting me the insurmountable tenacity to lead an infinite more births in this single lifetime of mine; making me feel the richest man alive; even as I stood for a few
seconds on the doorsteps of rotting hell.


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