Why Should I? -Part 2

Why should the desert metamorphose itself into an ocean; just because the acrimoniously slithering cactus; wanted it to?

Why should the clouds metamorphose themselves into glittering gold; just because the lecherously manipulative wandering aimlessly; wanted them to?

Why should the patriotic battlefield metamorphose itself into a shivering cocoon; just because the diminutively cowardly scared of leading life; wanted it to?

Why should the pungently intrepid thorn metamorphose itself into overwhelmingly glistening silk; just because the dastardly demons desirous for luxury; wanted it to?

Why should poignant blood fulminating ecstatically through the veins metamorphose itself into frozen ice; just because the worthlessly vindictive ghost; wanted it to?

Why should the dog metamorphose its unruly bark into a melodiously sacrosanct song; just because some fanatics of spuriously sanctimonious religion; wanted it to?

Why should the inconspicuously irascible ant metamorphose itself into a succulent deer; just because the tumultuously roaring lion; wanted it to?

Why should the overwhelmingly slushy swamp metamorphose itself into a road of formidably gripping concrete; just because those disastrously unable to find their foot; wanted it to?

Why should the preposterously gigantic shark metamorphose itself into an immaculately shimmering pearl; just because the baselessly petrified passengers on the shores; wanted it to?

Why should the boisterously bustling baby metamorphose itself into a symmetrically trimmed angel; just because the ostentatiously threadbare party; wanted it to?

Why should the lethally venomous snake metamorphose itself into hives replenishing with golden honey; just because the pretentiously philosophizing; wanted it to?

Why should the infinitesimally fluttering mosquito metamorphose itself into a paradise of unending fantasy; just because the treacherously snoring terrorist; wanted it to?

Why should the divinely smiling girl metamorphose itself into a puristic boy; just because the traditionally uncouth parents; wanted it to?

Why should the avalanches; earthquakes; tornadoes; metamorphose themselves into sparkling diamonds; just because ruthlessly penalizing mankind; wanted them to?

Why should the despicably ailing old man metamorphose himself into a ghastly corpse; just because the manipulatively parasitic sons; wanted him to?

Why should the invincibly secure lock metamorphose itself into an articulate key; just because the hideous battalion of burglars; wanted it to?

Why should the celestially placid stones metamorphose themselves into appetizing morsels of tangible food; just because horrendously lazy urchins; wanted them to?

Why should each beam of darkness metamorphose itself into the flamboyantly dazzling Sun; just because the satanically barbaric yearning for an eternal day; wanted them to?

Why should immortal love metamorphose itself into invidiously sinister betrayal; just because the rigidly extraneous world; wanted it to?

Why should sacred life metamorphose itself into pathetically gruesome death; just because some power hungry leaders; wanted it to?

And why should I; writing; breathing; fantasizing; poetry from the inner most realms of my heart; metamorphose myself into deplorably stinking office; just because the uncouthly unforgiving society around; wanted me to?


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