Why The Hell Have You Made This Ghastly Bullet?

It either lethally wounded you; brutally divesting you of even the most infinitesimal bit of your celestially burgeoning happiness,

Or it either venomously blinded you for the remainder of your life; as it mercilessly zipped past the whites of your symbiotically effulgent eyes,

Or it either indefinitely fractured your bones; dolorously rendering you to beg on one foot; till the time breath was still ardent in each heavenly nostril of yours,

Or it either indiscriminately slandered you; leaving you without the most inconspicuous trifle of water and food; right in the heart of the truculently
acrimonious deserts,

Or it either baselessly tortured you to the most unprecedented limits; as at times the coffins of agony in every ingredient of your blood; seemed more Herculean than the corridors of infinite infinity,

Or it either indelibly cursed you; wherein you found that every step that you unflinchingly alighted; led only to the graveyards of death; death and inconsolably hedonistic bloodshed,

Or it either penalizingly divided you into a boundless halves; separating you forever and ever and ever from the ones you most eternally adored; embraced and loved,

Or it either unforgivably slapped you; leaving such a tawdrily cancerous indentation upon the fabric of your impeccable life; which was impossible to ever erase,

Or it either stained even the most mercurial line of your destiny with treacherous blood; the stains of which cold-bloodedly asphyxiated you for an unlimited
more lifetimes,

Or it either created parasitic boundaries and differences with your neighboring symbiotic caste; creed; nationalities and tribe; lambasting every conceivable cranny of your brain with the wrath of inexplicably frustrating prejudice,

Or it either unsparingly bludgeoned you into the corpses of bizarrely forlorn extinction; before even you ever had the time to utter your wistfully fervent

Or it either treated you as if you were the greatest criminal on planet divine; when infact you’d spent every unfurling instant of your life profoundly dedicated to the service of ubiquitously ever-pervading living-kind,
Or it either tirelessly victimized you beyond tangible degrees of comprehension; fomenting even the most oblivious nerve of yours to tremble in uncontrollable
abhorrence and satanic malice,

Or it either vanquished the Sun of unfettered optimism forever and ever and ever from your gloriously priceless lifetime; leaving you sacrilegiously drenched into solely a mortuary of baselessly crippling darkness,

Or it either ominously jinxed you for every unleashing second of your life; wherein whatever you dared caress; bawdily metamorphosed into the most disparagingly delinquent coal-mine,

Or it either tyrannically distorted the contours of your pristinely inimitable face; rendering you as the most penuriously ugly organism on the trajectory of this fathomless Universe,

Or it either vindictively stopped the influx of prosperity in your life; replacing even the tiniest bit of happiness; with traumatically augmenting sorrow and devastatingly devouring war,

Or it either made you as uxoriously hollow as the lifeless corpse even as you breathed; after witnessing countless of your own innocent kin and kind; unstoppably bleeding to the last breath of their life,

Or it either incessantly perpetuated you to lick lackadaisically ribald mud; as your jaws got unfortunately trapped into the sadistically cannibalistic enemy camp,

Or it either hung your head in shame every time you took birth; infront of all those whom you had meaninglessly assassinated in a trice of a second; without any ostensible reason or rhyme and only on the pretext of war,

Or it either snatched your beloved from so perpetually far away from you; that even the most preposterously wildest of your dreams couldn’t ever imagine of ever
reaching her,

Then why the hell have you made this ghastly ” Bullet ” O! Impoverished Man; releasing it in countless numbers every unveiling instant of Omnipotent life; when all
that was required was just one true beat of Immortal love earnestly wafting from your heart; enough to transform this boundless Universe into a veritable paradise; enough to enshroud even the most evanescent bit of misery into an unconquerably blissful
entrenchment of the Creator Divine


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