Why Was I As A Parent, An All-Time Fan Of Euro-Kids Vastrapur? (Eurokidsindia.Com) .

Not because my daughter was studying in its majestically serene ambience,

Not because there stood a gigantic Neem tree right in its center, enchanting every dreary nerve with unparalleled contentment,

Not because the sky above it always seemed cheerful-with innocent children shrieks and laughter forever winning its heart,

Not because of its indisputably sparkling floor and walls-the cleanliness that was spectacular in even the remotest of its quarters,

Not because of the English Language which was spoken to the highest authority-acclimatizing hearts at their youngest, with the expression of the World,

Not because of its enormous flexibility- which uninhibitedly heard the voice and whims of every parent and unruly toddler,

Not because it was successively adjudicated the best Branch of its kind-from all across its centers in Asia,

Not because it brought about a whole new freshness of ideas, concepts and curriculum, as far as modern day teaching was concerned,

Not because it was one of India’s largest Pre-School chains- giving concrete direction to many worried parents-who were otherwise helter-skelter in choosing the best for their blood,

Not because it bountifully showered various intriguing gifts to its students-painstakingly crafted by its ‘ever-hardworking’ bunch of adorable teachers,

Not because it had an amazing eye for detail-regularly maintained an accurate performance list of all its assiduous students,

Not because it magnificently helped your child to undergo the painful transition from home to school—always with a big smile,

Not because its methodology of teaching was ingeniously practical oriented-rather than loading the student with heavy school-bags-and endlessly cramming from text-books,

Not because of its beautifully personalized attention-where its tiny students never felt away from their mothers-infact started to poeticize in their alien environment,

Not because of the wonderfully patient ear-that it timelessly lended to even the tiniest of concerns or complaints from its discerning community of students and parents, alike,

But I was an all-time fan of Euro-Kids, Vastrapur (eurokidsindia.com) because it was here, that my child found a second home, away from her actual home-most importantly it was here that my child found Love & Respect for her in every teachers eye—which was the very reason that she longed to go to school, above all her
indoor friends and toys.


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