With An Existence Such As This

Full of ecstatic adventure; overwhelmed with exuberant happiness,

Full of unfathomable zeal; an insatiable desire to explore to the most
unprecedented limits,

Full of boisterous euphoria; an uncanny sense of adventure blended profusely with streams of scarlet blood,

Full of tangy spice; an ocean of passionate sweat trickling ferociously with the unleashing second,

Full of mystical tunes; inundated with a flurry of fabulously enchanting scent,

Full of untamed escalating spirits; the desire to love and philander lingering astronomically in the soul,

Full of inexplicable punch; deluged with doughty charisma from all possible and conceivable sides,

Full of mesmerizing beauty; replete with vivacious colors to fathomlessly imagine,

Full of an unsurpassable ability to conquer; trespassing over a blanket of acrid
thorns on naked foot,

Full of tingling smiles; a tumultuously vibrant shiver that crept down nimbly through the spine,

Full of insurmountably daunting courage; an unflinching will to confront
the mightiest of disaster,

Full of rustic simplicity; with the rudiments of existence replicating primordial life of the jungles,

Full of unrelenting buoyancy; always transgressing a couple of inches above soil,

Full of irresistible attraction; a relentless urge to fully explore the most voluptuous tantalizing form,

Full of blazing dynamism; an incorrigible ardor to march ahead with a perpetual longing to survive,

Full of flamboyant muscle; an incomprehensible urgency to dash forward at the slightest of provocation,

Full of marvelous memories; reminiscing incessantly about innocuously mischievous childhood,

Full of cheek and perennially augmenting spice; rampantly caressing the infinite fruits of gorgeous nature,

Full of blood-curling suspense; a thunderous virtue to swirl as high and handsome as the stormy waves,

Full of boundless enthusiasm; a voice that indefatigably blurted out never say die,
And I don’t know what I was or how I might have livedin my past life; but bless me O! Almighty Lord with an existence such as this in my present life.


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