Yours Truly In Dirt

Short stubs of sharp black hair,
Sprouting from skin pores of unshaven flesh,
Long hair with untrimmed side locks,
Bearing heaps of white dandruff powder,
Corn dried lips chapped at sides,
Nostrils emitting hardened mass of mucus,
Eardrums filled with coats of sordid yellow wax,
Streaks of dirt lining angular neck,
Pus cells activated in lower eye,
Broken eyebrows curled in disarray,
Uncut fingernails adhered to mud,
Armpits spreading undesirable stench,
White teeth pearls dulled to chocolate brown,
Scribbled writing on all quarters of palm,
Tightly fit bedraggled clothes,
With gaping holes in shirt and vest,
Ants gnawing at chunks of stuck honey,
On projecting wide shoulder bone,
Sports shoe lining coated with coal tar,
I moan in utter dismay and lost hope,
As I stare at my unwashed demeanor; my unpolished body in the mirror.


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