You Resembled The Creator Divine

When you wholeheartedly smiled; you resembled the unconquerably Omnipotent rays of Sun; in poignantly fathomless sky,

When you mischievously cavorted; you resembled the enigmatically spell binding rustle of the majestic forests; profusely soaked in resplendently enchanting moonlight,

When you relentlessly fantasized; you resembled shades of compassionate crimson; prolifically abounding the voluptuously rain bearing cloud,

When you uninhibitedly danced; you resembled the waterfalls perennially cascading from the pristine slopes of the Himalayas; miraculously placating every traumatically dreary throat with their untainted exuberance,

When you uncannily slithered; you resembled the mystically sacrosanct serpents; devoutly guarding the timelessly sparkling treasuries; abreast the statue of the Omniscient Lord,

When you flirtatiously philandered; you resembled the ebulliently bubbling bumble bee; gloriously playing hide-n-seek with the marvelously outstretched petals; of
the fabulously inebriating lotus,

When you inscrutably hummed; you resembled the bountiful blades of grass ingratiatingly embellished with golden dew; peerlessly gazing under pricelessrays of the beautiful afternoon,

When you royally winked; you resembled the unbelievably impeccable festoon of twinkling stars in the cosmos; profoundly enlightening the trajectory of morbidly monotonous and indiscriminating earth,

When you altruistically embraced; you resembled the infernos of unassailably righteous patriotism; fearlessly blazing their way through a world of acrimoniously vindictive and cold-blooded hostility,

When you ardently yearned; you resembled the absolute epitome of impregnable Everest; uncontrollably trembling all night; to be handsomely kissed by the first beams of tantalizing dawn,

When you celestially snored; you resembled fantastically virgin shores laden with immaculately charismatic pearls; brilliantly shimmering in the unparalleled elixir of life,

When you restlessly discovered; you resembled the amazingly proliferating fields of hazel corn; sprouting into an unprecedented gorge of freshness; every unraveling minute of the blessed day,

When you philanthropically mitigated; you resembled a heavenly flower disseminating its fragrance to one and all; irrespective of caste; creed; tribe; religion; regally and alike,

When you nimbly shied; you resembled the divinely adorned bride; trying to hide her blushing cheeks; deeper and deeper into her innocuously silken veil,

When you inadvertently yawned; you resembled the satiny carpet of languidly ambling autumn wind; symbiotically quenching the disastrously frazzled nerves of
the decrepitly staggering traveler,

When you ingeniously proliferated; you resembled the magnetically undulating waves of emerald sea; indefatigably dancing to the tunes of inimitable freshness; till infinite more births yet to unveil,

When you iridescently sang; you resembled the unfathomably seductive cluster of blissful nightingales; mollifying even the most diabolically dreaded of monsters; with the fervently untamed effervescence in their voice,

When you passionately breathed; you resembled the ultimate gifts of vividly exhilarating life; eternally spawning into a civilization of oneness and peace; as every morning wonderfully transcended over sonorous night,

But when you perpetually loved; you resembled the Omnipresent Creator Divine; who knew of no religion other than the religion of oneness; unity and invincible mankind; who knew of no other power greater on this planet of his except love; to love; love and timelessly bless in its indomitable shine.


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