You Simply Couldn’t Hide

You simply couldn’t hide the maliciously decrepit savagery in your prejudiced lips; just by profusely embellishing them with poignantly crimson shades of exotically blissful lipstick,

You simply couldn’t hide the unprecedentedly pugnacious abhorrence in your sinister eyes; just by aristocratically adorning them with radiantly resplendent and tantalizing mascara,

You simply couldn’t hide the insanely lambasting tyranny in your devilish throat; just by tirelessly painting it with ebulliently pristine and sweetly mellifluous honey,

You simply couldn’t hide the petulantly unruly urges to indiscriminately massacre in your unsparing feet; just by dexterously camouflaging them with
marvelously articulate sports shoes,

You simply couldn’t hide the coldblooded parasites on your blood-stained palms; just by surreptitiously sequestering them under a vivaciously sleazy coat of vibrantly titillating graffiti,

You simply couldn’t hide the volcano’s of devastatingly lunatic emaciation in your bellicose stomach; just by stealthily enveloping it with timidly obeisant and flaccid apron strings,

You simply couldn’t hide ribald maelstroms of vindictive misery in your esoteric brain; just by nonchalantly entrenching it by insurmountably gigantic triangular straw hats,

You simply couldn’t hide satanically biting urges in your diabolical teeth; just by ardently painting them with the most brilliantly effulgent of; reinvigoratingly robust toothpaste,

You simply couldn’t hide licentiously lascivious desires in your sleazy skin; just by bawdily covering it with unsurpassably sanctimonious robes of slippery silk,

You simply couldn’t hide the lethally belligerent venom in your worthless sweat; just by baselessly sprinkling it with stupendously rejuvenating cologne,

You simply couldn’t hide the preposterous desires to kill in your diseased bones; just by aimlessly enshrouding them with grotesquely punctured mimicry of ubiquitous saintly robes,

You simply couldn’t hide the whirlpools of unrelentingly iconoclastic chauvinism in your beleaguered shoulders; just by disastrously impregnating them with uninhibitedly princely bird wings,

You simply couldn’t hide libidinously corrupt desires of your fecklessly tawdry soul; just by incessantly chanting the mantra of eternally symbiotic mankind,

You simply couldn’t hide the irately opprobrious manipulation in your dwindling countenance; just by indefatigably bouncing like an ecstatically exultating kangaroo; in the heart of the tropically iridescent forests,

You simply couldn’t hide your morbidly macabre spirit to devour innocent humans alive; just by coherently disguising your speech with a string of holistic pearls; like the ambiguously beguiling politician,

You simply couldn’t hide your intrinsically maligned desire to uncouthly snatch; just by spuriously donating the sordidly fetid leftovers of your kitchen; to ghosts lingering insidiously in the cacophonic graveyard,

You simply couldn’t hide the inevitable onset of age on your dastardly trembling persona; just by worthlessly adorning your demeanor with flamboyantly pulsating and sleazily short teenage clothes,

You simply couldn’t hide the incomprehensibly limitless graveyard of derogatory lies in your conscience; just by brandishing the immortal martyrs sword upside down; in your pathetically quavering arms,

You simply couldn’t hide your already deadened and meaninglessly laconic form; just by deliberately expunging boundless gallons of squeamish air; from your obsoletely asphyxiated nostrils,

And you simply couldn’t hide the pernicious battlefield of salacious betrayal in your threadbare heart; just by despicably attaching a pacemaker to it; and then fulminating into an untamed fireball of worthlessly robotic beats.


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