You Were In My Every Heartbeat

You were in every step that I took; caressing the earth softly with my indigenously sculptured feet,

You were in every smile that I executed; spreading a wave of unprecedented cheer in an atmosphere laden heavily with inexplicable gloom,

You were in every promise that I made; impregnating impoverished demeanor’s with heaps of fortification and rejuvenating assurance,

You were in every challenge that I undertook; unequivocally proving my flamboyantly Herculean mettle in this world,

You were in every kiss that I blew; deluging the drearily starved ambience with an ocean of passionate fantasy and fiery romance,

You were in every image that I witnessed; marvelously embellishing and adorning even the most hideously insipid of sights wandering on this planet,

You were in every yawn that I produced lazily at ethereal dawn; fomenting me to start the heavenly day with unparalleled exuberance in my body,

You were in every word that I embodied with my own blood; making it more valuable than any amount of wealth ever found on this globe,

You were in every tear that I shed; blissfully purifying the area you fell with the irrefutably philanthropic essence lingering in your soul,

You were in every line that I sung; driving the last ounce of despair from my miserably shriveled and exhausted life,

You were in every mischief that I played; transiting me back to my days of innocuous childhood; the unfathomable naughtiness circumventing my persona even today,

You were in every punch that I imparted with my palms; augmenting my strength to astounding limits when I faced the ominously vicious and bad,

You were in every tale that I had to recite; intransigently captivating the most ruthless of personality in the fervent intensity of our immortal love,

You were in every droplet of my blood that flowed through my veins; giving it the status of being more cherished than the most boundless of ocean; more revered than the most holiest of liquid trickling in this Universe,
You were in every dream that I envisaged; making me the richest man on soil; sitting merely on my dingy hut’s doorstep,

You were in every scripture that I imbibed in life; metamorphosing me from a simple illiterate; to the most knowledgeable entity ever born,

You were in every morsel of food that I ate in my quota of limited years; placating my uncontrollable hunger; with the mesmerizing grace of your tantalizing charm,

You were in every breath that I inhaled; deluging and wholesomely encapsulating my lungs with the ardor to live,

And you were in every beat that my heart took almost infinite times in a single day; triggering me with the insurmountable tenacity to fight life; find a place of my own to live amongst the pack of wolves that surrounded me every instant; the acrimonious bed of thorns surreptitiously waiting to gobble me; the moment I tread.


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