Your Heart Was The Best

Your hair were as vivacious as the pelting drops of rain; cascading tantalizingly over your petite shoulders,

Your eyes were as voluptuous as freshly extracted red wine; drowning me in an ocean of unparalleled enchantment,

Your feet were as intricate as the daintily glistening stars; engendering me to worship them incessantly in meek obeisance,

Your hands were the sole source of my destiny; with their resplendent softness sending shivers down my spine as they gently caressed me,

Your lips were like mesmerizing fountains of golden honey; putting me into a celestial stupor with their fleet of enigmatic tunes,

Your skin was as silken as pure cow milk; metamorphosing into tinges of passionate scarlet as you strolled past my side,

Your fingers were as beautiful as the rudimentary tree roots; exotically igniting unburned fires in my persona as they weaved through my scalp,

Your teeth were a formidable fortress of magnificent ivory; prominently depicting the most fascinating of smiles that I had ever perceived in this world,

Your voice was sweeter than the most melodious of cuckoo; pacifying my conglomerate of profoundly agitated nerves better than the best of painkiller,

Your cheeks were as tangy as the ravishing cluster of crimson cherries; portraying your incredulously sweet aura even in the most horrendously appalling darkness,

Your neck was as flexible as the undulating waves of the ocean; turning instantaneously to even the most minuscule of my command,

Your sweat was as golden as the glittering slabs of gold; sparkling gorgeously under belligerent rays of the fiery Sun,

Your stomach was as sensuous as the bathing shark; fomenting me to wake up in utter bewilderment; even from the midst of impregnably deep sleep,

Your ears were as sharp as the mystically beaked owl; intricately deciphering even the most incoherent of my whispers,

Your armpits were like the entrance to divine heaven; enticing me incorrigibly to take shelter under their stupendously alluring grace,

Your tongue was like the fabulously redolent rose; flooding my dead veins with inexorable exhilaration as it slurped white pints of titillating champagne,

Your blood was like the flamboyant island of Sun; incinerating the inferno of love simmering in my veins to animatedly leap towards the sky,

Your countenance was like the Royal princess; immortally bonding me in the invincible arms of your unfathomable desire,

And your heart was the best in the entire cosmos; throbbing indefatigably without the slightest of rest; throbbing relentlessly even in the most gruesomely dismal of situation; more importantly than all; throbbing louder than ferocious thunder in the sky when it witnesses me; as it only and irrefutably mine.


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