Your Immortal Beats

There were infinite voices that lingered in this Universe; some as tangy as the vivacious oceans; while some blew more hoarser than the volatile dragons,
But your mesmerizing tunes were the only ones I heard; catapulting me into the rhapsodically divine land of the God’s.

There were infinite hair that floated in this Universe; some as hideously obdurate as the pigs skin; while some more tantalizing than the ultimate of seductresses,
But your ravishing follicles were the only ones which tickled every iota of my entire demeanor; making me perpetually dream even in the most chaotic pandemonium
besieging me from all sides.

There were infinite lips that kissed in this Universe; some as blunt as miserably squashed tomato curry; while some more voluptuous than the contours of the
milky moon,
But your uninhibited smiles were the only ones which triggered in me blistering infernos till the sky; giving me a new mission to exist; at every fading footstep of mine.

There were infinite shadows that fluttered in this Universe; some as mystical as the ethereal mirages; while some more tumultuously effusive than the chattering peacocks,
But your majestic reflection was the only one which cast an impregnable spell upon my countenance; as I found myself in the land of ultimate paradise; every time I rattled up from deep sleep.

There were infinite eyes that revolved in this Universe; some as seducing as the angels bouncing in the cosmos; while some more silent than morbid stones strewn rampantly near the corpse,
But your gloriously royal eyelashes were the only ones I sighted; propelling me to incessantly flirt; nostalgically drifting me back into those moments once again; when I was an innocuous child.

There were infinite hands that philandered in this Universe; some as magnetic as the lotus’s caress; while some more pugnaciously harder than the toughest of bricks,
But your immaculate fingers were the only ones which impregnated in me the tenacity to defend; rise up to every occasion and obstacle in monotonously pragmatic

There were infinite skins that stimulated in this Universe; some as impeccable as flawless cow’s milk; while some more vibrant than the unfathomable battalion of swarming bees,
But your alluring flesh was the only one which titillated me beyond realms of unlimited eternity; making me desire above all the wonderful beauty
profusely deluging this planet.

There were infinite breaths that weaved in this Universe; some as fiery as the volcano’s swirlingfrenziedly towards the clouds; while some more serene than the magnificently cushioned waters of the placid lake,
But your heavenly fragrance was the only one which I wholeheartedly inhaled; instilling in me the insurmountable capacity to live a thousand lives; in a single lifetime.

And there were infinite hearts that palpitated in this Universe; some as rhythmic as the wonderfully cascading waterfalls; while some more passionate than the flamboyant rays of the golden Sun,
But your immortal beats were the only ones which had bonded with mine even centuries before I was born; infact the sole reason that I was breathing blissfully
today; staring death in its face; and yet alive.


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