Your Immortal Slave

When my love was on your hair; it lingered in overwhelming fascination; of your majestic exuberance drifting royally with the compassionate winds,

When my love was on your forehead; it bonded with threads of your sacred imagery; the mesmerizing fantasies that revolved in your mind,

When my love was on your eyebrows; it moved subtly like a crown princess; everytime you raised them toquell; the innocent quandaries of your life,

When my love was on your eyelashes; it frolicked like a new born child; relinquishing all apprehensions of the uncouthly manipulative society,

When my love was on your eyes; it eyes; it witnessed the extraneous earth outside; as the most unsurpassably divine mission of existence,

When my love was on your nose; it coined new definitions of an optimistic tomorrow; feeling stronger than any entity alive; in the swirl of your impregnable breath,

When my love was on your cheeks; it mischievously philandered in the mountains of desire; profusely astounded by your seductive flurry of crimson blushes,

When my love was on your lips; it learnt the ultimate kiss of its life; exploring the rhapsodic periphery and the fabulous pink; to the most insatiable of its heart’s content,

When my love was on your teeth; it felt more secure than the impregnable fortress; as you clenched them into your immaculate smile,

When my love was on your throat; it romanced in the tunes of stupendously melodious enchantment; wholesomely lost in the cadence of unfathomably unending ecstasy,

When my love was on your Adams apple; it rejoiced in boundless moments of ebullient survival; felt like a freshly born infant; bouncing incessantly in the lap of its mother,

When my love was on your shoulders; it admired your indefatigably perseverance to be the absolute best; uninhibitedly lending your shoulders to the service of all humanity,

When my love was on your hands; it intricately traced the enigmatic lines of destiny on your impeccable palms; bonding with their philanthropic spirit for centuries unprecedented,

When my love was on your soul; it felt the closest to God on this Universe; drowning in a world of benign beauty and mankind,

When my love was on your chest; it coalesced perpetually with your passionately thundering heart; utterly spell bound by the irrefutably righteous voice of your conscience,

When my love was on your belly; it titillated itself beyond the boundaries of untamed control; as you swished your ravenous visage; to ignite fireballs of yearning in the morbidly dwindling night,

When my love was on your legs; it relentlessly marched towards the kingdom of goodness; pulverizing all diabolical demons which came its way,

When my love was on your reflection; it perennially felt the richest possession alive; embracing all on this Universe; as a united breeze of blissful existence,

And when my love was on your feet; it became your immortal slave; not only for this birth; but for infinite more life’s and death you were destined to breathe; you
were definite to come.


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