Your Kiss

Your Kiss; was like sensuous droplets of fresh rain water; magnificently caressing the petals of the majestically blossoming rose,

Your Kiss; was like the marvelously young fledglings pecking on their mothers compassionately silken breast; enveloping my frigidly trembling countenance
with the warmth of miraculously Omniscient togetherness,

Your Kiss; was like untamed streaks of flamboyant thunder in fathomless sky; igniting sparks of unparalleled enchantment on every step that I nimbly

Your Kiss; was like a splendidly burgeoning inferno of everlasting happiness; engulfing even the most traumatically anguished cranny of my life with
unfathomably unending triumph,

Your Kiss; was like an avalanche of unsurpassably augmenting yearning; triggering me to take a countless more births to relish its wonderful softness again and

Your Kiss; was like a mirror which solely reflected the mesmerizing entrenchment of resplendent paradise; blissfully inundating even the most famished pore of my existence with unbelievably gorgeous exultation,

Your Kiss; was like a fairy dancing tirelessly in the aisles of tantalizing graciousness; painting the lugubriously remorseful canvas of my life with; vivaciously magical colors of symbiotic existence,

Your Kiss; was like the Omnipresently eternal blessings of Almighty Lord; holistically replenishing each aspect of my life with the aristocratically supreme embellishment of; unconquerable mankind,

Your Kiss; was like a romantically poignant expedition that never ended; uncontrollably metamorphosing me more and more into a cloud of insatiable fantasy; as the Sun rolled down the hills,

Your Kiss; was like a relentlessly marching unflinching soldier who never knew what it was to look back; perpetuating each element of my bedraggled visage with the vibrantly charismatic melody of enchanting life,

Your Kiss; was like an uninhibited bird soaring through the endless cosmos; celestially liberating even the most insidiously lambasted vein of body; into
a cloudburst of limitless ecstasy,
Your Kiss; was like gregariously unfurling dewdrop of beauty; handsomely transpiring me to blend with even the most mercurial rudiments of my past time,

Your Kiss; was like the royally galloping panther with a mischievous smile; making me gorgeously reminisce all my moments of exuberant childhood; flirtatiously
rollicking in the caverns of timelessness,

Your Kiss; was like unassailable flames of blazingly crimson fire in the heart of the deadened lake; irrefutably making me realize that life was to be led each moment like a prince; no matter what adversities did acrimoniously stab me in my way,

Your Kiss; was like the vividly eclectic feathers of the ravishingly titillating peacock; superbly deluging the fabric of my morbidly vengeful life with inimitable dexterity and astoundingly undefeated charm,

Your Kiss; was like the most unshakably heavenly walls of sparkling truth that spawned on this gigantic Universe; Omnipotently substituting even the most
parsimonious fraction of lechery in my demeanor with the mantra of humanitarian righteousness,

Your Kiss; was like an ebulliently tangy wave which never crashed; transporting every pore of my flesh higher and higher into the clouds of exotic ecstasy as each instant rapidly unleashed into a wholesome minute,

Your Kiss; was like a priceless forest of aristocratically panoramic breath; perpetually
ensuring that the beats of my existence forever blended with the chapters of proliferation; even as hell blended with earth at every step,

And Your Kiss; was like the ingratiating cry of immortal love; unbelievably emancipating me of all my loneliness in mystical life; making me experience the
everlasting shine of the divine; on even the most disparagingly obfuscated path of mine.


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