Your Velvety Shadow

I was profoundly enchanted by her; relishing her soft caress till times immemorial,

I felt privileged by her presence; everytime she drifted with me standing in open mouthed consternation,

I stared at her unrelentingly all night; even as the last person on this planet had gone off to sleep,

I admired her relentlessly till my last breath; although my voice had become horrendously hoarse; and my tongue incorrigibly refrained to swish an inch further,

I kissed her infinite number of times; with smooch of mine; igniting unfathomable desires in me; to do it all over again,

I was drowning in her honey coated eyes; with the mascara in her lashes casting over me a spell impossible to break,

I clasped my hands securely over her demeanor; blocking every possible source of acerbic light striking her dainty skin,

I pacified all the uncouth pangs of hunger arising in my stomach; as I was lost in cognizing my destiny in the intricate lines of my palms,

I whistled incessantly as she glided by; flooding her ears with the inferno blazing in my tunes,

I sprinkled golden dust on her body; as she overwhelmingly enjoyed the silken powder; voluptuously tickling her skin beyond the point of no control,

I was simply mesmerized by the titillating cascade of her hair; and the grace embedded in her form; made me stumble; even before I put down my first foot to walk,

I compared her visage with the angels dancing daintily in the heavens; with the ravishing fragrance that diffused from her persona; putting me in a state of immortal bliss,

I craved all night and day for her enchanting touch; the vividly painted nails on her fingers; circulating at electric speeds through each pore of my skin,

I worshipped her feet; like I had worshipped no God; no deity that I had every encountered on the surface of this globe,
I slept even on a blanket of acrimonious thorns; as I was completely lost in the essence of what she spoke; kept iterating the same words in my mind; till the time it had eradicated all other traces of memory,

I commenced to cry worse than the newly born child; even if I missed her presence for less than a fraction of a second,

I ran as she ran; walked as she walked; halted when she halted; ate when she ate; emulated every action of hers; howsoever much it might have seemed worthless
and inconspicuous to the outside world,

I emptied all the blood running through my veins; even as she uttered the slightest of scream; even as just a small fragment of her flesh was ripped apart a trifle by the blowing wind,

And I know by now you must be burning in the aisles of jealously sweetheart! But let me tell you that there was not any rhyme or reason for you to do so darling; as the person I have been mentioning in all the previous lines; was none other than your velvety shadow.


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