You’re My Breath

You’re the answer to all my riddles in life; miraculously healing all my traumatized agonies; with the insatiable magic in your voice,

You’re the voice that makes me celestially rest; shrugging all my frazzled vagaries into non-existent wisps of oblivion,

You’re a mountain of invincible strength that I needed when I disdainfully collapsed; incessantly inspiring me to add vibrant dimensions to every tomorrow that
blissfully unfurls,

You’re an incredulous magical wand; that metamorphoses all my staggering impossible’s; into the winds of irrefutably blazing triumph,

You’re a cloud of innocent angels; that always made me feel I was that euphorically bouncing child once again; even as I treacherously slipped towards the corridors of extinction,

You’re a bountiful paradise of newness; triggering me to indefatigably fantasize all brilliant day; and even while embracing the mists of diabolical midnight,

You’re an idol of astoundingly philanthropic benevolence; instilling in me the indispensable ingredients of everlasting mankind,

You’re a river of perpetual harmony that cascaded past my window; making me wholesomely bask in the stupendous glory of natures mystical endowment,

You’re a bow of astronomical courage; relentlessly transpiring me to unflinchingly fight for my ruthlessly incarcerated tribe,

You’re a marvelously glistening shore that harbors all impoverished in your compassionate warmth; teaching me to forever salute the immortal religion of humanity,

You’re a fountain of divinely peace; bestowing my famished existence; with pearls of royal wisdom and unconquerable unity,

You’re a tantalizing seductress dancing in the aisles of untamed desire; compelling me to take an infinite births; as every minute unveiled into delightfully charismatic light,

You’re a rainbow of vivaciously versatile diversity; propelling me to intransigently discover and explore; the unfathomably wonderful beauty of this sacrosanct

You’re an Omnipotent flame of never-ending hope; enlightening each aspect of my depravingly sinister existence; with the stupendous optimism of your heavenly stride,

You’re a magnanimous reflection of poignant empathy; wonderfully pacifying the devastated rebel in my veins; with the benign smile on your majestic lips,

You’re an enigmatic tunnel of unbelievable enthrallment; that never lets me exhaust in my conquest for success; fomenting me to plunge every instant; into the valley of unsurpassable adventure,

You’re an epitome of beautifully revered sharing; nourishing each element of my lecherously debilitated existence; with the passion in your godly soul,

You’re a township that keeps proliferating into newness all the time; massacring even the most inconspicuous trace of rust; frustration; dilapidation; from my penurious life,

Over and above all; you’re the girl whom I have not just simply loved; but an Omniscient messiah who was my breath; my body; my blood; every time God had
granted me life on this earth.


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