With An Existence Such As This

Full of ecstatic adventure; overwhelmed with exuberant happiness,

Full of unfathomable zeal; an insatiable desire to explore to the most
unprecedented limits,

Full of boisterous euphoria; an uncanny sense of adventure blended profusely with streams of scarlet blood,

Full of tangy spice; an ocean of passionate sweat trickling ferociously with the unleashing second,

Full of mystical tunes; inundated with a flurry of fabulously enchanting scent,

Full of untamed escalating spirits; the desire to love and philander lingering astronomically in the soul,

Full of inexplicable punch; deluged with doughty charisma from all possible and conceivable sides,

Full of mesmerizing beauty; replete with vivacious colors to fathomlessly imagine,

Full of an unsurpassable ability to conquer; trespassing over a blanket of acrid
thorns on naked foot,

Full of tingling smiles; a tumultuously vibrant shiver that crept down nimbly through the spine,

Full of insurmountably daunting courage; an unflinching will to confront
the mightiest of disaster,

Full of rustic simplicity; with the rudiments of existence replicating primordial life of the jungles,

Full of unrelenting buoyancy; always transgressing a couple of inches above soil,

Full of irresistible attraction; a relentless urge to fully explore the most voluptuous tantalizing form,

Full of blazing dynamism; an incorrigible ardor to march ahead with a perpetual longing to survive,

Full of flamboyant muscle; an incomprehensible urgency to dash forward at the slightest of provocation,

Full of marvelous memories; reminiscing incessantly about innocuously mischievous childhood,

Full of cheek and perennially augmenting spice; rampantly caressing the infinite fruits of gorgeous nature,

Full of blood-curling suspense; a thunderous virtue to swirl as high and handsome as the stormy waves,

Full of boundless enthusiasm; a voice that indefatigably blurted out never say die,
And I don’t know what I was or how I might have livedin my past life; but bless me O! Almighty Lord with an existence such as this in my present life.


Yours Truly In Dirt

Short stubs of sharp black hair,
Sprouting from skin pores of unshaven flesh,
Long hair with untrimmed side locks,
Bearing heaps of white dandruff powder,
Corn dried lips chapped at sides,
Nostrils emitting hardened mass of mucus,
Eardrums filled with coats of sordid yellow wax,
Streaks of dirt lining angular neck,
Pus cells activated in lower eye,
Broken eyebrows curled in disarray,
Uncut fingernails adhered to mud,
Armpits spreading undesirable stench,
White teeth pearls dulled to chocolate brown,
Scribbled writing on all quarters of palm,
Tightly fit bedraggled clothes,
With gaping holes in shirt and vest,
Ants gnawing at chunks of stuck honey,
On projecting wide shoulder bone,
Sports shoe lining coated with coal tar,
I moan in utter dismay and lost hope,
As I stare at my unwashed demeanor; my unpolished body in the mirror.

Without The Immortal Love Of A Woman

Every man’s eye is devastatingly empty; unbearably rotting towards the dungeons of diabolical hell; without the celestially commiserating reflections of a bountiful woman,

Every man’s palm is sinfully empty; barbarously rotting towards the coffins of penalizing hell; without the compassionately befriending grip of an honest woman,

Every man’s vein is dreadfully empty; devilishly rotting towards the vacuum of torturous hell; without the invincibly righteous rudiments of a sacrosanct woman,

Every man’s brain is deliriously empty; sadistically rotting towards the thorns of cold-blooded hell; without the unsurpassably ebullient fantasies of an eclectic woman,

Every man’s lip is ghastily empty; tawdrily rotting towards the mortuaries of parasitic hell; without the wondrously igniting kisses of an ardent woman,

Every man’s shadow is venomously empty; carnivorously rotting towards the skeletons of hideous hell; without the mellifluously symbiotic sweetness of a benign woman,

Every man’s signature is disastrously empty; egregiously rotting towards the nothingness of hedonistic hell; without the astoundingly ameliorating reflection of a caring woman,

Every man’s mission is treacherously empty; horrendously rotting towards the dirt of excoriating hell; without the pricelessly unconquerable encouragement of a blessed woman,

Every man’s lung is cripplingly empty; nonsensically rotting towards the meaninglessness of asphyxiating hell; without the unassailably reinvigorating breath
of a timeless woman,

Every man’s cheek is lecherously empty; salaciously rotting towards the perversions of crucifying hell; without the mischievously spell binding peck of an untamed woman,

Every man’s chest is drearily empty; ignominiously rotting towards the blackness of massacring hell; without the magically reincarnating caress of a sensuous woman,

Every man’s spine is lividly empty; preposterously rotting towards the holocaust of morbid hell; without the insurmountably majestic virility of an enigmatic woman,

Every man’s adventure is hopelessly empty; sacrilegiously rotting towards the ghost of tormenting hell; without the inscrutably tantalizing echo of a mesmerizing woman,

Every man’s skin is frigidly empty; inconsolably rotting towards the whiplash of strangulating hell; without the fathomlessly unabashed exhilaration of an intrepid woman,

Every man’s soul is cursedly empty; inexplicably rotting towards the gallows of murderous hell; without the infallibly consecrating sensitivity of a vivacious woman,

Every man’s shoulder is dolorously empty; blasphemously rotting towards the shards of deteriorating hell; without the amazingly unflinching unity of a blissful woman,

Every man’s ear is abjectly empty; viciously rotting towards the gutters of malevolent hell; without the enchantingly unfettered voice of a mystical woman,

Every man’s nostril is despondently empty; perilously rotting towards the wickedness of baseless hell; without the perennially life-yielding fragrance of an intricate woman,

And every man’s heart is haplessly empty; unsparingly rotting towards the evil jinx of cannibalistic hell; without the immortally embracing love of a faithful woman.

Yours Only Forever

Who told you that you were ugly; when infact I found you to be the most amazing and beautiful person in this world,

Who told you that you were thick skinned; when infact I considered you to be the most tender; the most innocuously sweet,

Who told you that you were dismally fat; when infact I perceived you to be a dainty angel; having freshly descended from the sky,

Who told you that your lips were as swollen as the hippopotamus; when infact I cognized them to be soaked in deep cherry wine; each time I had the privilege of
kissing them,

Who told you that your hair was like unruly & long fibers diffusing from the gutter; when infact I perceived them to be a river of golden honey; in which I took refuge in my times of distress,

Who told you that your nostrils breathed hostile flames; when infact I felt stupendously passionate breath drift through; whenever you stood close by my

Who told you that your color was blacker than horrendous charcoal; when infact I found it to be as resplendent as the voluptuous lotus; even under pugnacious rays of the Sun,

Who told you that your footsteps reverberated noise of an approaching dinosaur; when infact I was mesmerized every second; as their tinkling sounds
mystically announced your presence,

Who told you that your tongue stuttered on every word you spoke; when infact I felt that your speech was astoundingly clear and ravishing,

Who told you that your fingers made a mess of every meal; when infact I relished every item you prepared; catapulting me into the aisles of unprecedented fantasy,

Who told you that your teeth jutted out like a hideous demon; when infact I found them like scintillating globules of snow; pelting from the sky; every time you

Who told you that your sweat smelt of rotten fish; when infact it was the most alluring scent that I had ever inhaled; putting me off instantly into blissful sleep,

Who told you that your ears were stone deaf; when infact I felt that they could trace the most inaudible of my whispers; listen to the tiniest of my heartbeat,

Who told you that your height was as tall as the giant; when infact I always found you perfect and till my lips; those moments when I embraced you,

Who told you that your clothes had perennial stains of oil in them; for infact I always found the most cleanest of my fabric; embarrassingly sordid in front of them,

Who told you that you looked like a skeleton with hardly any flesh on your body; when infact I always saw flames of pure passion burning in your eyes; enamoring shades of pink enveloping your flesh at all times,

And even if the entire world condemned you beyond the point of redemption; I would still consider you to be the most fascinating person existing; the most lovable entity on this planet; and my heart would be purely yours; yours only forever.

You’re My Breath

You’re the answer to all my riddles in life; miraculously healing all my traumatized agonies; with the insatiable magic in your voice,

You’re the voice that makes me celestially rest; shrugging all my frazzled vagaries into non-existent wisps of oblivion,

You’re a mountain of invincible strength that I needed when I disdainfully collapsed; incessantly inspiring me to add vibrant dimensions to every tomorrow that
blissfully unfurls,

You’re an incredulous magical wand; that metamorphoses all my staggering impossible’s; into the winds of irrefutably blazing triumph,

You’re a cloud of innocent angels; that always made me feel I was that euphorically bouncing child once again; even as I treacherously slipped towards the corridors of extinction,

You’re a bountiful paradise of newness; triggering me to indefatigably fantasize all brilliant day; and even while embracing the mists of diabolical midnight,

You’re an idol of astoundingly philanthropic benevolence; instilling in me the indispensable ingredients of everlasting mankind,

You’re a river of perpetual harmony that cascaded past my window; making me wholesomely bask in the stupendous glory of natures mystical endowment,

You’re a bow of astronomical courage; relentlessly transpiring me to unflinchingly fight for my ruthlessly incarcerated tribe,

You’re a marvelously glistening shore that harbors all impoverished in your compassionate warmth; teaching me to forever salute the immortal religion of humanity,

You’re a fountain of divinely peace; bestowing my famished existence; with pearls of royal wisdom and unconquerable unity,

You’re a tantalizing seductress dancing in the aisles of untamed desire; compelling me to take an infinite births; as every minute unveiled into delightfully charismatic light,

You’re a rainbow of vivaciously versatile diversity; propelling me to intransigently discover and explore; the unfathomably wonderful beauty of this sacrosanct

You’re an Omnipotent flame of never-ending hope; enlightening each aspect of my depravingly sinister existence; with the stupendous optimism of your heavenly stride,

You’re a magnanimous reflection of poignant empathy; wonderfully pacifying the devastated rebel in my veins; with the benign smile on your majestic lips,

You’re an enigmatic tunnel of unbelievable enthrallment; that never lets me exhaust in my conquest for success; fomenting me to plunge every instant; into the valley of unsurpassable adventure,

You’re an epitome of beautifully revered sharing; nourishing each element of my lecherously debilitated existence; with the passion in your godly soul,

You’re a township that keeps proliferating into newness all the time; massacring even the most inconspicuous trace of rust; frustration; dilapidation; from my penurious life,

Over and above all; you’re the girl whom I have not just simply loved; but an Omniscient messiah who was my breath; my body; my blood; every time God had
granted me life on this earth.

Your Velvety Shadow

I was profoundly enchanted by her; relishing her soft caress till times immemorial,

I felt privileged by her presence; everytime she drifted with me standing in open mouthed consternation,

I stared at her unrelentingly all night; even as the last person on this planet had gone off to sleep,

I admired her relentlessly till my last breath; although my voice had become horrendously hoarse; and my tongue incorrigibly refrained to swish an inch further,

I kissed her infinite number of times; with smooch of mine; igniting unfathomable desires in me; to do it all over again,

I was drowning in her honey coated eyes; with the mascara in her lashes casting over me a spell impossible to break,

I clasped my hands securely over her demeanor; blocking every possible source of acerbic light striking her dainty skin,

I pacified all the uncouth pangs of hunger arising in my stomach; as I was lost in cognizing my destiny in the intricate lines of my palms,

I whistled incessantly as she glided by; flooding her ears with the inferno blazing in my tunes,

I sprinkled golden dust on her body; as she overwhelmingly enjoyed the silken powder; voluptuously tickling her skin beyond the point of no control,

I was simply mesmerized by the titillating cascade of her hair; and the grace embedded in her form; made me stumble; even before I put down my first foot to walk,

I compared her visage with the angels dancing daintily in the heavens; with the ravishing fragrance that diffused from her persona; putting me in a state of immortal bliss,

I craved all night and day for her enchanting touch; the vividly painted nails on her fingers; circulating at electric speeds through each pore of my skin,

I worshipped her feet; like I had worshipped no God; no deity that I had every encountered on the surface of this globe,
I slept even on a blanket of acrimonious thorns; as I was completely lost in the essence of what she spoke; kept iterating the same words in my mind; till the time it had eradicated all other traces of memory,

I commenced to cry worse than the newly born child; even if I missed her presence for less than a fraction of a second,

I ran as she ran; walked as she walked; halted when she halted; ate when she ate; emulated every action of hers; howsoever much it might have seemed worthless
and inconspicuous to the outside world,

I emptied all the blood running through my veins; even as she uttered the slightest of scream; even as just a small fragment of her flesh was ripped apart a trifle by the blowing wind,

And I know by now you must be burning in the aisles of jealously sweetheart! But let me tell you that there was not any rhyme or reason for you to do so darling; as the person I have been mentioning in all the previous lines; was none other than your velvety shadow.

Your Love For Me

Your love for me was not like the disloyally changing shape of the Moon; which blatantly metamorphosed its pearly body at the onset of every night,
Infact I have profound pride in stating; that it was like the resplendent blanket of shimmering stars which shone for countless decades; illuminating my gloomy
household with enchanting light.

Your love for me was not like the tumultuous storm; which devoured even the minutest of entity in its thunderous swirl,
Infact I have profound pride in stating; that it was like the delectable draught of wind; which arose every evening; mystically tingling the camouflage of dense leaves with its dainty charm and grace.

Your love for me was not like the poignantly burning candle; which diminished wholesomely; a few minutes after ferociously igniting into a ball of flames,
Infact I have profound pride in stating; that it was like the fire which burnt unrelentingly towards the sky; becoming more and more passionate as the pinnacle
of darkness encroached every space.

Your love for me was not like the swanky bottle of expensive scent; which started to rot away soon after initially flooding every bit of scorched atmosphere,
Infact I have profound pride in stating; that it was like the stupendously fragrant lotus; which spread its essence without distinction; captivated me for many births yet to unveil in the aura of its enigmatic redolence.

Your love for me was not like the callous bird mother; who deserted her children a few days after they had hatched from the egg; and after adeptly teaching them to fly high,
Infact I have profound pride in stating; that it was like the human mother; who harnessed and nourished her baby for marathon years even after he attained maturity; catered to the most inconspicuous of his demand till the time she found herself on her inevitable deathbed.

Your love for me was not like pelting drops of violent rain; which gave just momentary pleasure to my flesh and then left me dry and mourning as the blistering
Sun crept up in the sky,
Infact I have profound pride in stating that; it was like the colossal ocean with piquantly escalating waves; which provided warmth and rejuvenation to my dirty body; at the unleashing of dawn every morning.

Your love for me was not like a sleazy television commercial; which sent ravishing chills down my spine as the instant I viewed it; and then left me longing for more as the boring news came by,
Infact I have profound pride in stating that; it was like the mesmerizing fable that had an unprecedented impact on my destiny; bequeathed a moral to my life.

Your love for me was not like slippery granules of sand; which seductively caressed my skin for fraction of seconds; and then unavoidably trickled onto the boiling soil,
Infact I have profound pride in stating that; it was like the century old Banyan tree which had its roots firmly impregnated in ground; was almost invincible to dismantle even when the entire army tried to tear it down.

Your love for me was not like the swashbuckling aircraft which transported the passenger at electric speeds from one destination to another; made him feast
on the magnificent cocoon of white clouds as he sipped wine seated on the plush upholstery; before eventually leaving him to crawl miserably towards his destination
on naked feet,
Infact I have profound pride in stating that; it was like the divine fairy wandering in the cosmos; who inundated my senses every unfurling second with all the pleasure and fantasy that existed on this planet.

And your love for me was not like the throbbing heart which palpitated beyond the point of no control at one instant, and relinquished breath the other; abandoning
me in a condition of complete disbelief and disarray;
Infact I have profound pride in stating that; it was like the soul which was timeless; which would continue to live for unfathomable number of years even after the last entity on this earth had died; which strangulated me entirely in its perpetual grip; which gave my life a new beginning every time I felt I was dead.

Your Kiss

Your Kiss; was like sensuous droplets of fresh rain water; magnificently caressing the petals of the majestically blossoming rose,

Your Kiss; was like the marvelously young fledglings pecking on their mothers compassionately silken breast; enveloping my frigidly trembling countenance
with the warmth of miraculously Omniscient togetherness,

Your Kiss; was like untamed streaks of flamboyant thunder in fathomless sky; igniting sparks of unparalleled enchantment on every step that I nimbly

Your Kiss; was like a splendidly burgeoning inferno of everlasting happiness; engulfing even the most traumatically anguished cranny of my life with
unfathomably unending triumph,

Your Kiss; was like an avalanche of unsurpassably augmenting yearning; triggering me to take a countless more births to relish its wonderful softness again and

Your Kiss; was like a mirror which solely reflected the mesmerizing entrenchment of resplendent paradise; blissfully inundating even the most famished pore of my existence with unbelievably gorgeous exultation,

Your Kiss; was like a fairy dancing tirelessly in the aisles of tantalizing graciousness; painting the lugubriously remorseful canvas of my life with; vivaciously magical colors of symbiotic existence,

Your Kiss; was like the Omnipresently eternal blessings of Almighty Lord; holistically replenishing each aspect of my life with the aristocratically supreme embellishment of; unconquerable mankind,

Your Kiss; was like a romantically poignant expedition that never ended; uncontrollably metamorphosing me more and more into a cloud of insatiable fantasy; as the Sun rolled down the hills,

Your Kiss; was like a relentlessly marching unflinching soldier who never knew what it was to look back; perpetuating each element of my bedraggled visage with the vibrantly charismatic melody of enchanting life,

Your Kiss; was like an uninhibited bird soaring through the endless cosmos; celestially liberating even the most insidiously lambasted vein of body; into
a cloudburst of limitless ecstasy,
Your Kiss; was like gregariously unfurling dewdrop of beauty; handsomely transpiring me to blend with even the most mercurial rudiments of my past time,

Your Kiss; was like the royally galloping panther with a mischievous smile; making me gorgeously reminisce all my moments of exuberant childhood; flirtatiously
rollicking in the caverns of timelessness,

Your Kiss; was like unassailable flames of blazingly crimson fire in the heart of the deadened lake; irrefutably making me realize that life was to be led each moment like a prince; no matter what adversities did acrimoniously stab me in my way,

Your Kiss; was like the vividly eclectic feathers of the ravishingly titillating peacock; superbly deluging the fabric of my morbidly vengeful life with inimitable dexterity and astoundingly undefeated charm,

Your Kiss; was like the most unshakably heavenly walls of sparkling truth that spawned on this gigantic Universe; Omnipotently substituting even the most
parsimonious fraction of lechery in my demeanor with the mantra of humanitarian righteousness,

Your Kiss; was like an ebulliently tangy wave which never crashed; transporting every pore of my flesh higher and higher into the clouds of exotic ecstasy as each instant rapidly unleashed into a wholesome minute,

Your Kiss; was like a priceless forest of aristocratically panoramic breath; perpetually
ensuring that the beats of my existence forever blended with the chapters of proliferation; even as hell blended with earth at every step,

And Your Kiss; was like the ingratiating cry of immortal love; unbelievably emancipating me of all my loneliness in mystical life; making me experience the
everlasting shine of the divine; on even the most disparagingly obfuscated path of mine.

Your Immortal Slave

When my love was on your hair; it lingered in overwhelming fascination; of your majestic exuberance drifting royally with the compassionate winds,

When my love was on your forehead; it bonded with threads of your sacred imagery; the mesmerizing fantasies that revolved in your mind,

When my love was on your eyebrows; it moved subtly like a crown princess; everytime you raised them toquell; the innocent quandaries of your life,

When my love was on your eyelashes; it frolicked like a new born child; relinquishing all apprehensions of the uncouthly manipulative society,

When my love was on your eyes; it eyes; it witnessed the extraneous earth outside; as the most unsurpassably divine mission of existence,

When my love was on your nose; it coined new definitions of an optimistic tomorrow; feeling stronger than any entity alive; in the swirl of your impregnable breath,

When my love was on your cheeks; it mischievously philandered in the mountains of desire; profusely astounded by your seductive flurry of crimson blushes,

When my love was on your lips; it learnt the ultimate kiss of its life; exploring the rhapsodic periphery and the fabulous pink; to the most insatiable of its heart’s content,

When my love was on your teeth; it felt more secure than the impregnable fortress; as you clenched them into your immaculate smile,

When my love was on your throat; it romanced in the tunes of stupendously melodious enchantment; wholesomely lost in the cadence of unfathomably unending ecstasy,

When my love was on your Adams apple; it rejoiced in boundless moments of ebullient survival; felt like a freshly born infant; bouncing incessantly in the lap of its mother,

When my love was on your shoulders; it admired your indefatigably perseverance to be the absolute best; uninhibitedly lending your shoulders to the service of all humanity,

When my love was on your hands; it intricately traced the enigmatic lines of destiny on your impeccable palms; bonding with their philanthropic spirit for centuries unprecedented,

When my love was on your soul; it felt the closest to God on this Universe; drowning in a world of benign beauty and mankind,

When my love was on your chest; it coalesced perpetually with your passionately thundering heart; utterly spell bound by the irrefutably righteous voice of your conscience,

When my love was on your belly; it titillated itself beyond the boundaries of untamed control; as you swished your ravenous visage; to ignite fireballs of yearning in the morbidly dwindling night,

When my love was on your legs; it relentlessly marched towards the kingdom of goodness; pulverizing all diabolical demons which came its way,

When my love was on your reflection; it perennially felt the richest possession alive; embracing all on this Universe; as a united breeze of blissful existence,

And when my love was on your feet; it became your immortal slave; not only for this birth; but for infinite more life’s and death you were destined to breathe; you
were definite to come.

Your Immortal Beats

There were infinite voices that lingered in this Universe; some as tangy as the vivacious oceans; while some blew more hoarser than the volatile dragons,
But your mesmerizing tunes were the only ones I heard; catapulting me into the rhapsodically divine land of the God’s.

There were infinite hair that floated in this Universe; some as hideously obdurate as the pigs skin; while some more tantalizing than the ultimate of seductresses,
But your ravishing follicles were the only ones which tickled every iota of my entire demeanor; making me perpetually dream even in the most chaotic pandemonium
besieging me from all sides.

There were infinite lips that kissed in this Universe; some as blunt as miserably squashed tomato curry; while some more voluptuous than the contours of the
milky moon,
But your uninhibited smiles were the only ones which triggered in me blistering infernos till the sky; giving me a new mission to exist; at every fading footstep of mine.

There were infinite shadows that fluttered in this Universe; some as mystical as the ethereal mirages; while some more tumultuously effusive than the chattering peacocks,
But your majestic reflection was the only one which cast an impregnable spell upon my countenance; as I found myself in the land of ultimate paradise; every time I rattled up from deep sleep.

There were infinite eyes that revolved in this Universe; some as seducing as the angels bouncing in the cosmos; while some more silent than morbid stones strewn rampantly near the corpse,
But your gloriously royal eyelashes were the only ones I sighted; propelling me to incessantly flirt; nostalgically drifting me back into those moments once again; when I was an innocuous child.

There were infinite hands that philandered in this Universe; some as magnetic as the lotus’s caress; while some more pugnaciously harder than the toughest of bricks,
But your immaculate fingers were the only ones which impregnated in me the tenacity to defend; rise up to every occasion and obstacle in monotonously pragmatic

There were infinite skins that stimulated in this Universe; some as impeccable as flawless cow’s milk; while some more vibrant than the unfathomable battalion of swarming bees,
But your alluring flesh was the only one which titillated me beyond realms of unlimited eternity; making me desire above all the wonderful beauty
profusely deluging this planet.

There were infinite breaths that weaved in this Universe; some as fiery as the volcano’s swirlingfrenziedly towards the clouds; while some more serene than the magnificently cushioned waters of the placid lake,
But your heavenly fragrance was the only one which I wholeheartedly inhaled; instilling in me the insurmountable capacity to live a thousand lives; in a single lifetime.

And there were infinite hearts that palpitated in this Universe; some as rhythmic as the wonderfully cascading waterfalls; while some more passionate than the flamboyant rays of the golden Sun,
But your immortal beats were the only ones which had bonded with mine even centuries before I was born; infact the sole reason that I was breathing blissfully
today; staring death in its face; and yet alive.